“Kick Me” Signs For Everyone

Snafu averted. Phew! Now I can get on with today’s rant. But it wasn’t looking good as of late yesterday afternoon, while I was relaxing and enjoying a cup of coffee when I heard the words in question form “Where did your blog go?” from across the room. Apparently, and hopefully, it was a temporary glitch because there, in illuminated black and white was the notice that my blog had been deactivated. Only an hour before, while we enjoyed to the point of physical discomfort a hearty Ruby Tuesday lunch, well after Ariel’s procedure, and boy was he happy to put food back into his stomach. I immediately contacted my server and after a period, it was back up and running and intact.

Over lunch yesterday at Ruby Tuesday I saw a story the evoked a conversation which in turn evoked a statement which got my dander up. It concerned that mosque at Ground Zero. While it’s not actually being built on hallowed ground but two blocks away, my thoughts on the topic are that it’s inappropriate and thoughtless to have it so close to where the World Trade Towers once stood while families still grieve for their loved ones lost on that day. I blogged about this back on August 17.

If I have the name correct it was Imam Feisal Adbul Rauf who is spearheading this project that said in a statement that he had no idea the mosque would create such a stir (I’m paraphrasing) but he also had no intention of discontinuing it.

THEN, while the debate rages on as I saw on TV over lunch yesterday, I found out that the date for groundbreaking is…… September 11. Now, how is THAT for a slap in the face?

Then we agreed that yes, America was based on religious freedom and tolerance. But how can that be true when nowadays, the name God is sought to be stricken from our money, and our institutions, but a muslim house of worship can be constructed so close to the most devastating punch in America’s–not just New York’s–heart? How can that be true when it becomes politically incorrect to wish someone a Merry Christmas because it excludes other faiths? And why shouldn’t I be offended at the thought that I am asked to have a “holiday tree” or go to my company’s “holiday party”? Sure, religious freedom and tolerance, but not when it’s hurtful and harmful to others and forced down their throats.

For the people, by the people. But apparently “the people” have no say. Well, they have a say, but it falls on the deaf ears of the higher up muckety muck p0lictians who  obviously “know” what’s best for everybody. And what’s best in this case is to put citizens with fresh and fragile emotions aside in favor of  whatever they hope to gain from it.  But in the name of tolerance no matter how delicate, here is another man’s quest for tolerance. Click here:

In theory, the mosque has a right to be constructed. But shouldn’t there be some thoughts to sensitivity, to etiquette, to common courtesy and not just shoving it everyone’s face. Yes, I have a Christmas tree and it’s in my own house. I don’t have it out where it threatens and confuses people.

It’s nice to have a sweet lozenge to end that discourse… take a look at what the Lou-Natics were up to yesterday.  See that little framed out nook on the right of the first picture? That’s the pantry. That’s how this whole thing started.


And you know what else? I can’t let this video sit one more day. I have to thank my fellow Shidiots–that’s insider talk for Radio Chick fans on Shovio for this:



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2 Responses to ““Kick Me” Signs For Everyone”

  1. Donna Says:

    I like what you wrote about the mosque. The house addition looks so nice!

  2. Donna Ortman Says:

    Hay baling reminds of me of the little Shredded Wheat guy!

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