24 Hours Later

And I’m back amongst the living. That almost sounds cliche, but you don’t know how it almost felt as though it were true and it’s the reason why I had no blog yesterday. You know, for the most part, I write these the night before they are published the following morning but I was in no condition to get down to business. Tuesday started off like any other day, lumbering out of bed instead of making good our vows to get up before the sun and get back to our walking. I know, how many times are we gonna hear that one, right? Ariel left for work, I stumbled around, getting myself organized to start working and as the morning progressed, I began to feel not quite right, overcome by a feeling of nausea and soon I was in sweat pants and a sweater. By lunchtime, I was in need of a nap, which I hardly ever do. I somehow finished out my work day and made my way back up to my bed and by then I was in full swing. When I came down after Ariel got home, I was half conscious, had no appetite, and was freezing. I was wracked with pains all over the place and at various times at random areas of my body I felt such intense stab-like sensations from the inside, in my face, in my stomach, in my feet, on the underside of my left lower arm. My knees felt like they had been smashed with a sledgehammer. My skin became so sensitive that at times it felt as though it were being pulled off my body. I sat in my red chair, watching TV with a blanket pulled up over me and wincing from the pains, knowing I should try to eat something. Earlier in the day, even Grandma B’s failsafe remedy of tea and toast actually failed, as did hot broth and saltines (not that I got sick, just had no appetite for either) I uncharacteristically resorted to Jell-O (which I’m not a huge fan of unless there are other things in it) and orange slices after having rejected even chocolate! It was cool and refreshing, but I ate only a little.

At one point, I actually asked Ariel if he thought I was dying, because honestly, if that’s what it feels like, then I’ve experienced the “before”. I managed to joke that this was a delayed “sick” that seems to befall me each summer, but usually in Provincetown, where I get some bug, have some down time, sweat it out and then I’m fine. As was the case this time. But this one was really a whopper. I wish I knew where I got it so I know not to go back there again. Ah, it was probably the combo of Labor Day depravity and frigid temperatures that all conspired to work their evil doings on me. If that’s the case…. nah, not worth it. But, yesterday, by around noon, there was no sign that anything had transpired. I had miraculously made it up the stairs without losing my footing and tumbling backwards and I woke up in the middle of the night having to get out of the sweat soaked clothes I was wearing.

So now that I’ve shared with you my tale of woe, I can now also share the latest crop of house pictures. Almost like a blessing in disguise, the Lou Crew wasn’t here on Tuesday. He told me yesterday they’d be back later in the afternoon after they finished up the emergency they were called to the day before. I don’t know if I could have withstood all the commotion being as sick as I was.

So, what are we looking at? 1. Brick in progress. 2. The front wall, from behind that huge evergreen bush. It’s kind of hard to think of it as the front, maybe because of the single window, but since it’s in line with the front of the rest of the house… A little more to the left, in the original brick is the kitchen window that looks out to the front lawn and the road. I have the urge to call the side of the new building with the three windows the front, but in essence, it’s really the side. We’ll have to get on the same wave length at some point. I can see it now: “Look out the front window… no, the front window” and by the time we figure it out, the cardinal will have flown away. No matter what you call it, it’s still luscious, isn’t it? 3. More brick in progress and 4. The pocket for the pocket door to the pantry.



2 Responses to “24 Hours Later”

  1. Donna Says:

    Wow; I’m glad you are feeling better!!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Oh Uncle, I am so sad to hear your tale of woe! 😦 Don’t have woe anymore!!!

    As for the addition, that brick-work is beautiful!

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