A Little Of This…

Here’s a dichotomy of expectations. I just read the results of a study about how having a firm handshake is a sign of a longer life expectancy. In the same study, they found those who were slow walkers were nearly three times as likely to die during that study period and people who were slow to get out of their chairs had nearly double the chance of dying as opposed to quick risers. I immediately thought of myself. I rather pride myself on my firm handshake–I rather get the willies from a limp handshake (and if it’s sweaty it’s even more sickening) so I right away thought I’ll live to a ripe old age. That’s fine. But then, given my current physical status, it could take me forever to get out of my chair (with a few oohs and oww’s). But then once up and going, I can stroll at a fairly good clip–you know, four miles in an hour. I guess that’s a good clip. I figure the more I talk about it, the more it might guilt me to get back to it and then maybe I can get out my chair fast and with my handshake going for me, I may even see the next millenium.

It’s also getting to be that time when I need to get McGinty back into action and I hope to be working out the next chapter, yet to be named, within the next couple of weeks.

Last night, I contemplated turning my tuna steak into a pair of BVD’s, but I cooked it, well, rather, burned it and had it for dinner instead and watched Lady Gaga on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

How’s this for trying to pull a fast one? There’s a marketing campaign a-brewing aimed at replacing bags of crunchy greasy day-glo orange coated Cheetos with bags of crunchy baby carrots. It’d be kind of like replacing real brewed coffee with something freeze-dried.

While we’re on the topic of food, there’s a German dairy farmer in a small town near Cologne called Neunkirchen-Seelscheid who has opened a “milk filling station”. Customers can come and either bring their own containers or buy bottles there to contain the milk that is dispensed from his 78 cows. The “Milchtankstelle” is open 24/7 and while the 70 cents per liter might be slightly higher than from the supermarket, the milk his customers get is fresher, and because it’s untreated has more proteins and other nutrients than processed milk. People come from as far as Cologne, which is situated about 30 kilometers (about 18 miles) to buy Bruno Stuaf’s milk. Almost, but not quite, like the milk machine that used to be down the corner from my house. It dispensed 1/2 gallons for whatever the amount of money was. One time, I had my little Beatnik troll doll, green with purple hair and I dropped it inside one of the slots in the milk machine. <insert frowny face>. It kind of looked like this:

Speaking of cows, the mystery cause of a rash of eye ailments that effected about 50 visitors to a dairy pavilion at an Australian agricultural show has been determined. It was the ammonia from the concentrated cow urine. Too gross?

Well, I have no new pics of the construction. They’ve been here, but have been doing little things while the brick is once again out of stock. They’ve been grouting–I guess you call it grouting–the brick. Okay, I have one close-up pic of a section that was grouted. It’s cool. They use what essentially is a canvas pastry bag to squirt the cement in between. And then a close up section of ungrouted wall. And then there’s a pic looking out from the pantry. I know, but it’s all I got to work with, unless I arrange their empty iced tea cans into some sort of sculpture and photograph that.



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