Making Strides

Today I really don’t have any new pictures on the progress of the house. But I’ll tell you that the inside is nearly smoothed to a glass-like finish in preparation for painting and flashing on the eaves is up and a floodlight is installed.

The other thing that had me a little concerned was a piece I heard on the news yesterday. In a school somewhere (I zoned out really, until I heard the pivotal point of the story) they have given the students iPads to work with to cut down on the noise that pencil and paper make, like when taking notes. Remember those headaches you used to get in school? Well, there you go! It’s going to be an interesting sight one day when technology fails and nobody will even be able to recall the archaic practice of sharpening a pencil or even remembering what a pencil is.

Last night, we did something quite out of the ordinary. We went out…on a SCHOOL night, to a charity Bingo game for HIV education. A friend of ours mentioned it and was hoping we could make it and we did. For the entry fee of $15, we got food and Bingo boards galore and had a fantastic  time in some fun company. Neither of us won, but in the next to last game, someone in our little group at our table won and dispelled the disgrace of the rest of us continually coming within one number of a win all night long.

Now I have another charity to talk to you about. I got permission from a friend of mine, Lucille, a breast cancer survivor, to put a link to her Making Strides Against Breast Cancer sponsorship drive for the Paramus, NJ walk on October 24, 2010 here on my blog. I wanted to help her spread the word to as many people as possible to do whatever we can to help eradicate this disease. She’s going out to give cancer such a look!

 If you can, please click on her page (that’s her on the right, with her sister, also a survivor) and make a donation in whatever amount. On her behalf and on the behalf of all those in the battle, I thank you in advance for your help.



3 Responses to “Making Strides”

  1. Donna Says:

    The noise that pencil and paper make!? I thought I was bad..that’s ridiculous! What about the “noise” the iPad is going to make?

  2. Donna Says:

    Thank you for the link to the very worthy cause!

  3. Melissa Says:

    The NOISE of paper and pencil?!?!?!?!?!? I… uh… wha… uh… heh…

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