Sunday Afternoon Post

This is actually Sunday afternoon and as usual, the clock is ticking faster than I would like; I’m all set to get going to my long awaited (and somewhat fretted) charity event and I feel like a chicken with my head cut off, but I wanted to take a few minutes to update you on the house. There was a bit of a snafu this weekend in that plans of continuing work on the house (the second coat of paint and starting to lay the down the wood floor) because by Friday, Lou could hardly move from a pulled muscle in his back and even though he said they’d be here on Saturday, they didn’t show up. I’ve been on that side of having a bad back (and not to mention sciatica) and I can appreciate that look of holding back tears of pain and I was glad for his sake they didn’t come.

But, on Friday, the brick work got finished and the first coat of paint on the ceiling and walls were done but I was hoping to have another slide show of pictures from both days to post today. With any luck and good recuperative weekend, they’ll be back (there’s that word again) on the job again and I’ll have more pictures tomorrow. I did learn, however that the area under the brick, to cover up the black waterproofing on the foundation will be dirt. That’s being brought in, so if I’m understanding it correctly, the patio will be sort of elevated and the ground will taper down all around it until it’s even with the ground. And it’s gonna be a darn big patio, too. We ordered the lights for it already but of course they’re backordered but should be in in time for when they’re needed, but the porch light, for the side of slider won’t be in until November sometime so we had to run to Home Depot and get one so it can be installed to pass inspection. $4.99 later (and dinner at Lone Star) and we have ourselves a cheap little “jelly jar” to get passed the inspectors.

Also this weekend we began taking notes and lining up the information we have so far for the next chapter of McGinty and are awaiting some more via personal accounts from family members who hold the key to the rest of the story. Does that sentence make sense? We also cleared away the window walls for when the Lou-Natics are ready to break through. And I finally transplanted Grandma B’s philodendron in the hopes it will once again take root and flourish like it once did. It has gone from the size of a natural table cover to a single leafless stalk, but at least it’s still green and there is evidence of a shoot that looks like it wants to burst open. I don’t know exactly how old that plant is, but it’s been around since I was a kid and I’m soon to turn the big 5-0! And she had it since before then.

On that note, it’s getting to be time to skedaddle so here are the latest pics of the house.



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