Lost My Footing

The big mystery from Sunday can now be exposed. I’ve discovered I’m happiest as a landlubber. We went on a 3-hour (or so) party cruise on the Hudson to benefit New York Firefighters and EMT workers. When we were first asked about it over a month ago, it sounded like it would be a great time and another step, personally, in trying to overcome my fear of boats. After all, I got on the Circle Line back in July during my summer vacation and it went pretty well, except for one instance about 2/3 the way through where the tour narrator explained is a very rough spot to begin with. Well, all went well once I reconciled the fact I was trapped on that boat for 3 hours; trapped by my own doing, that is. But it was an enjoyable experience in the end.

However, Sunday’s boat was much smaller and as we approached the dock, I could see how it was bobbing up and down in the water’s current. I thought about turning back, but at the last minute, took a deep breath and decided to go forward. Ariel even offered to put it on him that he was feeling sick and would beg off from going, thus sparing me having to go. But, I was determined and I was ready to party.

As much as the boat looked like it was tossing about tied to the dock is how it felt under my feet once we were aboard. To say I was white-knuckled holding onto whatever I could get my hands on to steady myself is an understatement. There was very little seating; it’s a party boat, who’s sitting? But once the buffet station opened, we found a table and that went without incident. And the food was varied and delicious; roasted chicken, beef roll-ups with cheese and veggies, a hot pasta dish, salads. However, the dance floor was on the third level and that’s where the height of my feeling of instability came into play. There was much more sway than on the lower levels and I couldn’t deal with that feeling of instability beneath me. I found myself a bench, parked myself and let the party go on all around me. But I had a short conversation with a few people who when they realized how I was feeling, didn’t pass judgement. So, that made me feel a little better.

I felt horrible because I truly was out to have a good time but my fear got the better of me and I was more or less immobilized. I watched as first the New York skyline went by and then Jersey City skyline went by after we turned around and at one point we were stopped (which was also unsettling) directly in front of the Statue of Liberty. I tried to get a night shot with my camera, but the fool thing wouldn’t focus properly so I lost that opportunity. I was very disappointed that my fear got the better of me, because I intended to have a great time and party up with the group of friends we assembled to go with us, but it’s apparent I’m better at whooping it up on dry land. I suspect that if these were the olden days and my family was to set sail for the New World, I’d choose to stay put. Actually, for the 22 dollar cost of the ticket, it was a terrific value, if only I was able to fully enjoy it.

I think I really need to concentrate this winter on taking swimming lessons. That’s probably the largest part of my fear, that I don’t know how to swim and my lackadaisical approach to that outweighs what I really should do about it.

And, no, there was no Lou Crew yesterday either so I’ve got no new update for today. Maybe tomorrow.

Also, a reminder, if you want to make a donation to the Lucille’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer walk, or you know someone who might want to, you can get to her donation page by clicking on the pink ribbon.



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