A Little Night Music

Flies, stinkbugs and now, B’s. Yes, that’s right. There is a potential of 1,426 such B attacks; 298 in Britain and 620 in the United States and Canada combined, and who knows where the balance of them might strike and it’s become such a concern that millionaire soccer superstar Rio Ferdinand, team captain of the Manchester United and actor Mark Wahlberg (yes, Marky Mark) have been effected, but maybe for only as little as an hour. The pesky B, to which I am alluding, is the famous Flying B ornament that elegantly adorns the hoods of The Bentley. The hood ornament is designed to retract in the event of a collision but because of reported water seepage into the system and corroding the mechanism,  the winged embellishment has trouble retreating. The genesis of this recall is the fear of the Flying B impaling a pedestrian in an accident. I can see where that would be of grave concern, the possible puncture wound or even a branding (depending on how fast the car was traveling ) but I would think the greater dread would be of being struck by the vehicle itself.

On Saturday, leaving the Lou Crew here to finish their day, we went into the city to see the play “A Little Night Music“. The tickets were a birthday gift from Ariel’s nephew that I helped him pick out and I chose that one because the show was starring Bernadette Peters. We had time to kill before our 5:45 dinner reservations at Havana Central and they allow only a ten minute grace period and all members of your party must be present before you can get your table. That was reminiscent to another place we had a pre-show dinner that I can tell you about another time. The food there was satisfactory, though not the best Cuban food I’ve ever eaten. I have to say, hands down, no one can make fried bananas like Ariel’s mother. Anyway, right off the bat, our drinks came out wrong. My Manhattan was some fruity thing with an orange wedge and not a cherry AND on the rocks. I take mine up. When he brought me a new one, it was indeed a Manhattan, still with an orange wedge and still on the rocks. Though the musical soundtrack in the place was Cuban, the attitude was all New York; get ‘em, get ‘em fed and get ‘em out and very little atmosphere. We probably will not go back.

“A Little Night Music” takes place in Sweden and centers around the turn of the century (20th) relationship between Bernadette Peters’ character, actress Desiree Armfeldt and Alexander Hanson’s Frederik Egerman who is currently married to a virginal woman many years his junior. Through twists and turns and some scheming to “properly” align respective lovers who at some point became infatuated with everyone else. This was a role perfectly suited for Bernadette Peters and she played Desiree with an understated humor a middle-aged woman caught in a romantic love triangle might possess. Her rendition of “Send In The Clowns” was a revelation and similarly to “I Am What I Am” from La Cage Aux Folles, brought a clearer understanding of the songs’ lyrics. It was an emotional scene when “Clowns” was sung, and it was brilliantly performed with a crying crack in the voice, and through tears and sniffles. If Peters wasn’t actually crying on the stage, then she is a finer actress than I ever thought.

Elaine Stritch, who played her wheelchair bound (for the most part) mother who reminisced and advised her granddaughter on the loves of her own life came across too dry humored. To me, her sarcastic and acerbic barbs were overdone and came across as tedious and annoying and unentertaining.

Hanson’s Frederik, next to Peters’ was probably the best performance. He was nothing more or nothing less than the character was supposed to be, charming and dashing and the interest of nearly every member of the opposite sex.

The rest of the cast, however, I found was a cacophony of overacting and mugging and loud readings. And perhaps it was intended to have Ramona Mallory play Anne, Frederik’s chaste wife, like a younger version of Peters’ Desiree to replace that loss for Frederik, and that would be clever, but again, I thought it was too much (over acted) and a bit confusing.

All things considered, it wasn’t a complete bust. It did have its moments, like “Send In The Clowns” and some good one-liners and in the end my score was a 7.

As far as house updates, they finished the floor, even inside the pantry on Saturday, put the second coat of paint on the ceiling, patched and painted over the nicks on the wall from installing the floor (I’m assuming) and right now the floor is still covered with tarps and cardboard so there isn’t much to see. But shot one is of where the dining room is hopefully going, (that’s Lou’s chair and heating pad in the shopping bag on the floor), one looking through the new entryway and then the picture I took yesterday morning when we tested out the room.



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  1. Donna Says:

    I recognize the two coffe cups on the tinee tiny table 🙂

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