One Step At A Time

If you’re thinking that means we got up and walked this morning, well, you might be right…or you might not be.

But let me catch you up on the house first. No Lou-Natics yesterday which equates into no ceiling fan. <insert frowny face>. It still sits on the floor, in the box.

Nothing yet from that publisher, although, as of this writing, I haven’t looked at my email yet.

Hang on, let me do amongst yourselves. Nope, no reply as of yet.

And yes, we did get up and walk this morning. By 5:20 we were on the road and we did our customary 4 miles and then I managed a second workout this week, without falling and hurting myself.

I know we’ve been threatening for weeks…months, really to get back to walking and what really go the ball rolling is that I had a reminder on my phone to call and make a follow up visit with my doctor in November because he wants to review and check my numbers that were slightly elevated and as far as he knows, I’m following that cure all diet he put me on. So, no time like the present, and since I work best under pressure, and since it looks like we broke the spell this morning, I have half a chance of making some improvement before doctor man puts me on even more medication to control my out of whack stuff. And it would be my own fault, really. And from what I’m hearing, we’re supposed to be in the throes of flood producing weather between midnight tonight and sometime tomorrow, so I don’t know what that means for a pre-dawn constitutional.

I have to keep this short because I have a busy, busy day and I have to get started with it very soon and I haven’t even had my coffee yet and unlike those misguided millennials, that kills me.


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