Hold That Ghost

Okay, it’s official, my house is haunted. I’ve always thought that, lo these many years I’ve lived here, and late yesterday afternoon into the evening, I was certain of it. Since there was no Crew deLou again yesterday (I had that feeling, what with the weather) it worked out nicely in regard to my decision to hold off on my workout until the afternoon so I could get an earlier start on work. Remember, I’m under pressure to try to get my blood work numbers into more respectable proportions so I’m all gung ho about physical fitness.

I set myself up, being careful that weights were correctly loaded (or loaded at all–okay, that’s getting old) and got down to an endorphine-raising workout. I was nearly finishing up when suddenly I heard a loud “thud” upstairs and at first I wasn’t completely sure the Lou-Natics hadn’t come and had somehow gotten in or a car hit my house. Don’t laugh, some of you are new to my blog but those of you who have been with me since the beginning remember my recounting of that Easter Sunday morning, nearly 6 years ago when we were awakened by a frantic pounding on the front door. It was a cop alerting us to the fact there was an overturned car on our lawn that had been there since about 4 am. It was that same day, coincidentally, I typed the last chapter of my novel and I’ve been trying ever since to get it published.

I digress. I came upstairs, prepared to meet up with the boys in my sweaty state, but no one was in sight. Then I thought maybe a bird flew into my front window, which happens from time to time, but they don’t make that much noise that I would hear the house shaking sound over the music from my iPod.

When I was done with work and it was time to start preparing dinner, Ariel called, as he usually does from the 10-mile mark, so that I can judge how much time I have depending on what we’re having. A short time later, I had to run upstairs to take care of a recording project I was working on, stripping a movie from my DVR onto disc and it was about 20 minutes after he called that I heard Ariel come in, drop his stuff on the kitchen table, even scuff a chair across the tile floor. I finished my project, all the while wondering what was taking him so long to come up to change his clothes, I closed up shop and went back down to finish working on dinner.

The hair stood up on my arms. There were no keys or cell phone on the kitchen table and when I called out, there was no answer. I made my way to the garage, passing the door to the basement, which was wide open and Ariel’s truck was not in the garage and I was a walking goose bump. I can add that to the time I heard furniture upstairs dragging across the floor. The house settling was an offered reason, but I know what furniture dragging on the floor sounds like.

Emma immediately came to mind; the former matriarch of my humble abode, but Ariel assured me she’d be happy because we’re making her house better.

Okay, it’s Friday, so let’s go out with a laugh, or perhaps a groan. I saw this on an archived episode of the Radio Chick on Shovio.

Magic? Really? And I can see my dear departed Beagle’s face now telling me, “Oh no you didn’t!” She’d have wrestled that thing off, waited till we got back in the house and as soon as my back was turned…..


2 Responses to “Hold That Ghost”

  1. Donna Says:

    EEKS!! It IS nearing Halloween. I wonder why the door was wide open. Could an intruder have come in and leave real quick?

  2. Melissa Says:

    No! No! No! No! Just say no to pootrap! No. And gross. And what?!?!? To quote myself, “they can’t show that on T.V.!!!”

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