An Enlightened Weekend

Whew, where do I begin? Well, first of all I discovered yet another benefit from walking. Since it was going to be favorable to walking Saturday morning, we decided to get up at our regular time (the ungodly 4:45) although it was closer to 6:30 when we actually got outside and while I was taking care of my pre-walk morning business, I checked my email with my phone and saw one particular one waiting for me that had come into my inbox at 4:08, one of particular interest, one that I have been relentlessly checking for. But, anticipating what was contained therein, I opted to wait until we returned before I would read it. On the walk, sometime between leaving the house and the five minute mark, I commented to Ariel about the email and he was once again astounded at the control I have when it comes to holding off on certain things, like opening packages that come in the mail, which I usually will do with an air of nonchalance sometime after dinner, oftentimes temporarily forgetting its presence in the house, or opening certain anticipated emails from a publisher. But he understood my reasoning that morning that I wanted to get my walk in without my mind being bogged down, just in case it was disappointing news, though I’ve become quite accustomed to that.

It was a chilly morning and the walk was brisk and we made it to a tad further at the turnaround point than we had that first morning whichever day it was last week when we finally got back to it. Thirty minutes later and we were home and I set down to make the ginger snaps I had promised to make the next time our Ginger Snap Queen was down for a visit from Upstate New York, to make up from the ribbing she got last time she visited sans cookies from a few of our fun and games and sometimes a Broadway show thrown in for good measure fivesome.

“Ahem!” said Ariel. “I’m getting the oil”, I said. “Are you going to open it?” “Of course, how else can I measure out what I need?” “I don’t mean that, I mean that email!” It really had gone from my mind. I sat once again with my phone and opened the email. I read it to myself and then read it to Ariel, with a sarcastic tone–Thank you for your query submission. We are interested in reviewing the manuscript in its entirety. Please send it to me at this email address, as an attachment. “Now,” I said, “should I read what it really says?” and I repeated it word for word. So, there you go, a hopeful note to start the weekend! I will keep you posted.

We delivered the ginger snaps and then we five headed off to see a play, which I will tell you about tomorrow, though I’m trying desperately to forget it. Ah, maybe it wasn’t as bad as all that.

I had a few things to do yesterday on my list, like finally pack up our camping gear I never got to yet and do some cursory dusting around the house since the dust has had a week to settle since the Lou Crew was absent most of the week and I couldn’t take it anymore. We also had to get to the mall for a few things and I thought of putting of the rest of what I had on my to do list when we got back, but I did them anyway plus one more task. I second guessed myself and decided to look through a stack of unmarked video tapes, nine in all, and don’t you know the second one I put in the machine was the one of the house I’ve been looking for? Alas, the VCR I have isn’t the best and so frantic calls were made to several stores looking for one and within 20 minutes, we were at Target. Long story short, the tape of the house tour we made on March 13, 1999 was transferred to disc and from there the before pictures were captured and I’m finally…FINALLY posting the old and new bathroom shots for you today. Now if I could only come across the tape we shot for Grandma B’s surprise 75th birthday…I’ll leave St. Dimas tied up a little longer.

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2 Responses to “An Enlightened Weekend”

  1. Donna Says:

    That was an encouraging email from the publisher! Best of luck!
    Wow wee! What a beautiful bathroom!! I’m so glad you found the video tape of the tour of the house! I’m sure the surprise birthday party video will also turn up.

  2. Melissa Says:

    That looks like a bathroom built for a king! Or … 2 kings ??

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