Where We Are…

I wasn’t going to blog today, but after I got home from my 4 mile walk this morning (third day in a row!) during which we were almost mauled by a huge dog, far larger than its demure owner, who tried valiantly to keep the dog from busting out of her grip and after I had my breakfast, I found I had an email from my prospective publisher to let me know “where we are with my project” and so I thought I’d update you on that.

The acquisitions committee is meeting tomorrow, October 8 and my manuscript will be considered at that time. If it is accepted, the confidentiality agreement and a contract proposal will be sent to me. And by the end of the day tomorrow, she will contact me.

Well, that was short and sweet. I don’t even have any stupid news items or wacky videos. Totally unprepared. I like it!  

One Response to “Where We Are…”

  1. Donna Says:

    Fingers crossed, knock wood, and mostly…prayer! 🙂

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