Weekly Reminder

I really don’t have a blog for today, but I do have my weekly reminder to get out about Lucille’s cancer walk coming up on October 24. I see she and her sister have combined their goal amounts into one and  they are close to reaching that new number. Again, for those of you who had something to do with raising that number, I thank you on their behalf and I remind you it’s not too late to help out–not just for them, but for the millions of women (and their families) coping with this disease.

I wasn’t going to blog because quite frankly, as some of you know already, I kind of got the wind knocked out of my sails over this past weekend with my latest rejection. You know, it’s been said a zillion times and it really is a true statement: if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. No matter how thick a skin you think you develop over the course of almost 6 years worth of rejections, it really does start to eat away at you. I replied to her, however, asking what was the particular reason for turning me down. I doubt I’ll ever hear from her again; she’s under no obligation to ever be in contact with me anymore.

And, finally, great news for the Chilean miners. As of this writing 9 so far have been rescued and the capsule is on its way up with the tenth and by the time I get this set for publishing, he will have surfaced. I saw the beginning of  rescue last night and was brought to tears when the first rescuee, Florencio Avalos was reunited with his family. Godspeed!

I’m not psychologist, but I don’t understand the doctors’ concerns that the miners must endure the 15 minute or so ride up the shaft in that 21 1/2 inch capsule, having that “trapped” feeling and that they must ride with no room to raise their arms above their heads. I would think the miners’ greater concern would be just getting topside after 68 days. 

And really, no blog of mine would be complete without a rant, but yes, as amazing this rescue attempt might be, are there no other adjectives to decribe the effort? Come on, these are news journalists who you would think would have a bank of  descriptive terms at their disposal.


One Response to “Weekly Reminder”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I guess they need to start passing out the thesauruses (huh?) in journalism class!

    As for the psychologist’s comments, I suppose they just needed someone talking to fill in the quiet while they pulled the guys up … as if it is not “amazing” enough on its own!

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