Getting On With It All

This is it everyone, all my blog readers, all my Facebook friends, the last reminder before Lucille’s walk against cancer coming up this Sunday. All she and her sister need to meet their combined goal of $1,000 is another $69.00. Come on, a few bucks and a few seconds of your time to make a few clicks through the pink ribbon link at the bottom of today’s post is a small favor to ask. After all, it will be Lucille and Nancy who will be walking, they are the ones who will be giving cancer such a look! I know some of you already have made a donation and one more time I say thanks on their behalf. Maybe make it an even 70 and we’ll have one for good measure.

The way I understand it is, work is to resume on the house today. The Sons (I have to think of a catchy term to use for them) are scheduled to arrive around 8 this morning to “tie things up”. If you think about it, that almost sounds like they expect to have the room in move in-able condition by the time they leave, but the list of what’s left to do is as long as my arm. I really don’t know yet if they are picking up the job in its proposed entirety (patio, fountain plus a few sundry tasks) or just completing this particular project, but that question will be answered when they get here.

The update from publisher lady number (pick any number at random starting above 110-agent and publisher counts combined) is that as I suspected, I have not heard back from asking why they changed their minds. I know they’re not under any obligation to be in further contact with me, but for once I would like a complete communication from someone to tell me perhaps what is missing, what I need to fix, where else I can look, who else I can romance with a proposal.

I have to admit, I’m still in a little funk about that whole episode. I think what made it worse for me was announcing to you guys and my personal circle what looked like a sure thing only to have to recount all that. It really looked like this was finally going to be it after so many years of trying.

But as a result, I began to question whether it was really worth all this anguish. Part of me says yes, to keep going and the other part, the part that needed it the most, got a shot in arm recently and gave me a new perspective on it all. I’ll tell you more about that next time.



One Response to “Getting On With It All”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Hey, good or bad, we are by your side through ALL of the news and updates!!! It doesn’t have to all be good news 🙂 That’s why you HAVE blog readers and a “personal circle.” I’m glad to be in the circle. And as always, I’m proud of your perserverence!

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