Forging Ahead

It’s official, the fan, which you haven’t seen yet, the light fixtures, which you have, the light in the pantry, which I only saw for the first time yesterday and the jelly jar porch light are all working. The heat, as of this morning is another issue which will have to be addressed. By just after 8 yesterday morning, Lou’s sons, sans the usual crew and Lou, who is still in the hospital, arrived to work on the electric and the plumbing. But because they each have their own careers, they can only be available on a limited schedule to fill in until either the entire job is done, which, as it turns out, still includes the patio, etc, or until Lou is able to get back to work with his regular crew, which is down by one, the “foreman”, if you will, his right hand man. But according to his one son, that return, if he had his way, would be  next Tuesday to “get back to the boys’ place and get working”.

The shot in the arm to which I alluded yesterday was that, while still on the heels of that rejection, I got an email from someone who is reading my book. I’m not gonna say who it is, unless this person reads this and comments, but it’s someone who’s opinion I value a great deal. Anyway, knowing that my book is being read and so far, as of the writing of  the email, it is being enjoyed, kind of gave me a renewed sense of accomplishment and hope and I made the decision right then to get serious about finishing my sequel. Though I really don’t need much of a review of what’s been written thus far, I will need a refresher of where I’m going with it and I am going over my notes and outline and will be getting down to business with it. All I know for sure is that I left off in a very sensitive spot. So, maybe out of bad will come good, I’ll at least get my second book finished.

I know it’s fall now and the long hot days of summer, especially this past one, at least around here, are ones for the books, I still remember how everything was so laborious, from just stepping outside (I still don’t know how the Lou Crew didn’t fry up crispier than overdone bacon during those weeks) to walking through the city on the way to my dermatologist when my clothes got so heavy with sweat making mobility a chore or even eating ice cream. If only I had known then that I wouldn’t have had to exert so much energy licking that ice cream cone, I could have saved my strength to lift a cold refreshing beer to my lips. Yes, if only I’d had a motorized ice cream cone…. I kid you not!

Isn’t that a dandy? You just either need a long tongue or a perhaps a motorized spoon to get what you can’t reach. Otherwise, just have a milkshake.


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2 Responses to “Forging Ahead”

  1. Melissa Says:

    But it’s too hard to stick my tongue out!!!!! And I have to push a button, too???? Forget it! I just can’t have ice cream cones. It’s too hard. And I always got picked last for kickball. Wah!!! 😦

  2. Donna Says:

    Do you want nuts on that!? Guess you can’t eat the cone and what a mess it will be inside the cone. Bad idea!

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