Wake Me When It’s Over

I’m kind of dragging this morning, I was up late watching the Phillies/Giants game last night and the Phillies lost. Before that, I was watching the Yankees/Rangers game and the Yankees won. It was a bad night all around. The last games I watched, (I would never ordinarily watch a Yankee game) I came in near the final innings and then the Rangers rallied and won. Last night I saw pretty much from the start of the game, and that’s probably what happened. And maybe I should stop watching the Phillies.

Being a Mets fan, even though they nearly obliterate themselves at every turn, I have to stay true to the National League during the World Series and if the Mets aren’t involved, and now since the team from one of my favorite cities has a chance of getting into the Series, I have to route for the Phillies. Any other year, it’s just a crap shoot, a 50/50 shot, I just pick a team and route for them. I’m not a baseball savant, I don’t know every stat of every player, down to the brand of jockstrap a player might be wearing; I guess I’d be considered a casual fan. Although, believe it or not, I actually know two other people who are also Mets fans! They ARE out there.

Anyway, I wanted to give you an update from the current ongoing review of my book.  Here is part of the email:

I am on Page 173, almost done with Chapter 17. I was going to save some more of my comments until the end, but I thought I would go ahead and share now before I forget!! Then I’ll give a wrap-up when I’m finished with the book. That is, if you WANT me to! ? You know, reading this book was something that I have been nervous about for a long time. I mean, it’s kind of like the pressure of opening a gift that someone gave you. What if you don’t like it?? But, I’m relieved and happy to report that, so far, I have been genuinely enjoying the book!

I have to say, I was nervous myself when I saw the email come in, but seeing how well it’s going thus far was also a relief, but there still is the rest of the story to get through!


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