The Power Of Chocolate

It worked, it worked! The double layer here’s to making sure the Yankees lose chocolate chocolate chocolate cake did the trick Friday night when they lost to the Tigers. Alas, my elation was short-lived when the Phillies lost on Saturday night and that was a sore moment. The bar we were in went quiet as a tomb at that last out. So, now, out of allegiance to the National League, I’ll be routing for San Francisco. Let’s go Mets! ( I believe in doing my baseball routing early)

Is there anything more confusing than shopping in IKEA? The answer is yes, getting there. Good Lord, we drove around Elizabeth and the adjacent area for nearly 40 minutes trying to find the right road to get on. Even Ingrid was goofing up, but that seems to happen in that vicinity. Try getting her onto the Pulaski Skyway and see what happens. Maybe it’s the airport shorting her out. But we found what we needed, shelving for the pantry, only to find out yesterday we mistakenly picked up a wine rack set (the item numbers were this close), so yesterday we went for the shelving unit we needed (there was only one left), plus another section for the wine rack.

On Saturday, we went for a hour-long wine and cheese train ride on the New Hope and Ivyland Railroad and afterward, went to dinner, also in town. It was hard to hear the conductor on the overhead speakers because the car was so loud from rattling, but one thing I did hear was that back in 1914, Pearl White, who was filming The Perils of Pauline, shot a scene there in New Hope on the bridge we were riding over. So, because we really couldn’t hear the rest of the narration we kept ourselves otherwise occupied making sure our wine glasses didn’t fly off the table from the intense rocking back and forth. But I love a train ride and it was a fun thing to do. They also have a dinner ride every so often which, due to unexpected circumstances, I missed out on. Long story, but that I saw the dawn of a new day is a miracle. And my dinner made me sick. Not that the food was bad, but it was very salty and instead of saying something or ordering a different dish, I ate it, which didn’t do my blood pressure any good and it’s been forever since I had short ribs. When will I ever learn? But after about 2 hours I was nearly human again.

Did someone just scratch me?

Big news! Yesterday, I sat and began the rewrites of the first 258 pages of my second novel as I work myself up into the frenzy of getting the last chapters written. It’s been long enough for it to sit, while I wallow in disappointment after disappointment from each rejection I receive. So, I will devote my time and attention to finally getting my sequel completed before I start shopping it or them around again. Well, unless something comes my way that sounds like I should risk another rejection letter.


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  1. Melissa Says:

    Scratch you??

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