Lucky Is The..

Or is that ‘happy is the’…? Nope, I’m thinking of bride–happy is the bride that rain falls on, so maybe this doesn’t apply. I’m no bride, I’ll admit that, and I thought it was lucky. Well, let’s pretend it is, and let’s make it pertain to me. After all……

We walked again this morning; that’s 3 days in a row and it was raining. Not a heavy rain, but an in between a mist and a drizzle sort of rain. The temperature was an unbelievable 70, or thereabouts and at first, we considered not venturing further than the back door, but we persevered and as we closed in on the halfway mark, the rain came a little harder. But on we marched and the rain let up and within a short time, it had stopped altogether. But, oh, I think someone is moving that 2 mile mark further and further when we’re not looking. If yesterday was a laborious walk, today was a near impossibility. For some reason my feet felt like they weren’t cooperating, almost like I was wearing clown shoes. And you know how hard it is to walk in clown shoes…in the rain! Well, the long and short of it, through all the drudgery, we managed, I’d say, about 50 extra yards (that’s half a football field, maybe it was more like inches) before the timer went off.

But I wasn’t so lucky after I got home. I burned my tongue with my first swig of coffee. Who knew my Keurig would get that hot?

No Lou Crew.2 yesterday. Maybe today. Ho hum!

I got a note from Lucille this morning saying her team for the walk this past Sunday raised over $1,600. That’s fantastic news! And make a note, next year, I’ll be at you again for another donation!

Tonight begins the World Series in San Francisco. Let’s Go Giants!

Now, if I have a few minutes, I’ll get into some of those rewrites again, now that I’ve figured out those repetitious few pages.


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