Here Comes The Bride (and some cash)

It was a small wedding really, only 30 guests. The bride, aged 30, with her career in good standing, and having been uninspired by the men she’d been meeting, decided it was time to get married so she plunked down close to $6000 to hire a wedding planner, to rent a banquet hall and to buy a flowing white dress. Her wedding, much publicized online, has been met with mostly sympathetic comments. Chen Wei-yih, of Taipei, Taiwan married….herself. She’s also going on a solo honeymoon to Australia. Even though her mother was against this groomless ceremony, she got on board with it. Wei-yih knows that she cannot register a marriage to herself but if she finds a man later on, she will wed again. Will she wear white? And I wonder what will happen in the meantime if she starts to leave the cap off the toothpaste.

Speaking of wacky, we all remember Constance McMillen, don’t we? She was the lesbian who wasn’t allowed to go to the prom with her girlfriend. Well, her ship finally came in; the school district in Mississippi where the infraction took place, has been ordered to fork over $81,000 in legal fees in the civil rights case. Yup, I need to think real hard about something I wasn’t permitted to, or something somebody said to me that might have been off color and initiate a lawsuit over it. I need some money. I have a house addition that would be great to pay for with some found money. But, I guess I’m too stupid and do things the hard way; I take life’s lumps as they come. Too bad Wei-yih’s story only just came out now, McMillen could have taken a cue and gone by herself to the prom.

Speaking of addition, I got word yesterday that Lou will be getting out of the hospital on Friday, but will have to be in a wheelchair. His one son called to say he and his brother will be here today and I will try to find out the particulars as to how long he is to be wheelchair bound and of course what impact that has on the completion of the work.

No walk this morning. We both slept almost until the time we would have been returning. It was a late night watching Game 1 of the World Series. The Giants won, so, in a way, it was worth it.

What else? Okay, here, I’ve had this for a long time, maybe you’ve seen it also. So then, here it is again. How many people do you see? How about now?


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One Response to “Here Comes The Bride (and some cash)”

  1. Donna Says:

    I’m going crazy with the 12 or 13 people! Can we slow it down some!? HA! AHHH!

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