The Plot Thickens

What a game last night, huh? Ooof! 9-0, SF!

And can anybody really believe it’s the 29th of October?

The Lou Crew.2 was here yesterday, including Lou, in his wheelchair directing his sons with what to do. They got the heat fixed; drained the entire system, bled it all out so that heat would flow all over the place. The doorways are opened up now- the old baseboards have been removed, the floodlight outside, which apparently we need is connected. So, there are a few more finishing touches having to do with the addition itself and according to Lou, he still plans on having the patio done.

As far as Lou, I don’t want to get into his troubles, out of respect to him, but I will say he’s looking positively forward to getting back on his feet, and soon.

Then, another shock. The Radio Chick is gone. Yesterday was her last show. I have her last two episodes to watch from the OnDemand section on Shovio, which hadn’t been updated until this morning so maybe I’ll learn the reason why and what she’ll be up to next. I have to admit, much as I enjoyed her show and have been following her for over 10 years, the changed time slot of her current show was difficult for me to watch “live” and luckily the shows were archived and available for viewing at a later time.

Today’s AMAZING synonym is WONDROUS , in describing this morning’s sunrise. In describing the shot I got of it, MEDIOCRE, but it’s the best of the bunch I took.

And so, now, I have just a few hours left for this week and then I’ll spend some time working some more on my rewrites. The plot thickens……


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