Always Leave ‘Em Laughing

Speaking of comedy, I found this sort of funny. There’s a man in Indiana who has claims against a comedy club for being mistreated. The man, David Showers, is hearing impaired and his request for an interpreter was refused. Showers was told by club owner Chris Bowers, the club could not provide one for him but told him he was welcome to bring his own…for the price of another ticket. So, then it became an issue with the Americans With Disabilities Act who was looking into whether the business has explored their ability to provide such a service. The club is a small business with fourteen employees and the owner, Bowers, says the cost of having an interpreter is not something they can currently withstand. The hearing impaired man has also been relentless in his attempts to get on the clubs stage as a performer, but has been told by the proprietor he wasn’t good enough. Now both sides have retained attorneys until the case can be heard….pun intended. I mean, isn’t kind of like suing an art gallery because you’re blind and can’t see the paintings? Shouldn’t you really know your limitations?

Speaking of blind… while we were visiting some friends this weekend in the Poughkeepsie Area of New York, we went for a walk along the Hudson River Walkway. (I took pictures and I’ll post them tomorrow). On the opposite side of the river were a few concession stands and some porta-potties. I had to go, so, in I went and it was a fairly roomy one, equipt also with a baby changing station, like the kind you see in any other rest room. But what I had never noticed before on them, since I’ve never really had the necessity to be so close to one, was what imagined to be instructions written in Braille. I kind of chuckled at the visions I had conjured up in my head all of a sudden, but then I convinced myself that changing diapers isn’t an exclusively seeing person’s task.

‘Tis November and that means it’s time to celebrate. It’s International Drum Month and Peanut Butter Lover’s Month. And being the first of the month, there is a new quote and logo on my main website.

And after last night, the World Series standings are at SF 3, Texas 1. Tonight could be it!


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One Response to “Always Leave ‘Em Laughing”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I despise frivilous law-suits!!!!!! “Stop the insanity!!!” ~ Susan Powder

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