One Small Mission Accomplished

I finally got through the rewrites on Chapter 1 this morning and began plowing through the second. I wouldn’t say plow, exactly, since I only got to page 2.

Upon retiring last night, we had hopes of getting up this morning for a walk. I checked the Weather Channel app on my Droid before going to bed and it told me that mid 40’s temps would abound at the time of the morning we’d be out. Perfect. Not too, too cold. When the alarm went off this morning and the weatherman, the one who always pats himself on the back for predicting the weather of the day before (I had predicted the highs to be 56 or 57 and it was 56…big whoop!) said it was only 30 degrees and that kind of put the kibosh on even wanting to get out of bed, let alone walk.

Any of you have AOL? Have you ever noticed anytime they make a change to their homepage, it mucks up the works? There are certain files I get in my work email I need to forward to my personal email account because I can’t open them otherwise. For two days they did not show up. Luckily there was another avenue I could take to access them, but that’s not the point. AOL wasn’t working properly on my phone, either. This morning, after I got the work done on Chapter 1, I opened my email and sure enough, the homepage is all new and confusing and my inbox was flooded with all those forwards and test emails Ariel and I performed from one system to the other. So from now until they decide a new design is necessary, all my emails should come flying in.

And still the work continues sporatically on the house. It may not be until at least this coming Friday when anyone will be back. We still have no heat, despite the three plus hours Lou’s son spent here the other day trying to get something going. Apparently, as he was told by his HVAC guy there’s a flow issue. Did I tell you this already? And the HVAC guy is away and won’t be back until Friday and it’s highly unlikely we’ll be his priority stop after his Florida vacation. So, stay tuned…and stay warm.

Yikes! And did I forget to congratulate the San Francisco Giants on their World Series victory over The Texas Rangers?  I wanted to put up a banner yesterday on here, but figured it would get mixed up with my bridge pictures and didn’t do it.


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