The Small Picture

Work continues on Project Rewrite. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for Project Leaning Pines as only once this week was someone here  working on the heat that still doesn’t knock on the pipes in the addition, the kitchen or the upstairs bathroom. Today, the HVAC guy is due to return from his trip and we’ll see if we hear from anybody. But, on to other exciting news.

Project Rewrite is going full steam. I’m in Chapter 2 (still) and I found another confusing spot among unnumbered pages, yet they read consecutively. However, they say more or less the same thing as the original file in my computer, but there are some rather stark changes. I just have to focus and get through it. And I will.

Show of hands–who remembers the day of the mobile carnival rides that would drive through your neighborhood, kind of like the ice cream truck? There was the Ferris Wheel and a mini Scrambler, or maybe it was more like a mini tea-cups (I don’t know what they were called; it was cylindrical car with a stationary “steering” wheel you would “turn” and the harder you forced against it the faster the car would revolve) and the mosquito sprayer truck. Okay, that wasn’t a ride, but when the mosquito sprayer was in the area (we had lookouts from other neighborhoods to alert us) we’d get poised and run behind it in that cloud of probably poisonous insecticide. Well, it was a ride in a whole different sense, if you get my drift. And look at us now!

Anyway, in keeping with miniature fun (not to be confused with candy bar sizes; there are both, fun size and miniature), in Britain there is the Sol Cinema, a mobile movie house that operates by solar power and houses up to 8 adults or 12 children for a short movies. There’s even popcorn. Click here to see a website featuring the Sol Cinema and there is also a video on the page. We could use those around here, given the amount of people half the time that fill any one theater at a time at the nearest multiplex.

Big doings this weekend. It’s Ariel’s mother’s birthday–TODAY, actually, and we’re having a big party for her on Saturday afternoon with somewhere in the vicinity of 30 people in attendance. It had to be switched to a luncheon party because before it was arranged, Ariel had gotten tickets for tomorrow night to see Brian Regan at The Avery Fisher Hall in New York as part of the New York Comedy Festival for my birthday. So we have to high tail it out of Newark in plenty of time to avoid theater traffic bottlenecking into the city and still make our 8 o’clock show. And then after, we’re meeting some friends for a post-show nosh.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back one hour this weekend.



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2 Responses to “The Small Picture”

  1. Donna Ortman Says:

    I do remember those ride trucks AND running behind the mosquito sprayer…it smelled good! Oh my gosh…Brian Regan…at first I had no sound and had to figure that one out (my computer was set to mute….) I noticed that Brian Regan was more gray. After I fixed the mute problem, I listened to his skits! HILARIOUS! Good stuff!! Oh wow; enjoy the show tomorrow night 🙂

  2. Donna Ortman Says:

    P.S. Thank you for sharing Brian Regan’s skits! Take luck!

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