The Topic Du Jour

Maybe it was my own fault, maybe I shouldn’t have made that call, but I thought I would be the nice guy and alert the post office as to my mailbox dilemma and in the meantime see if the driver would be able to bring my mail to my door since every now and then if I get an oversize package that doesn’t fit, he’ll drive up to the house and leave it by my side door. “Oh, he’s outside, let me ask him what he wanna do ‘bout dat! (Is that racist?) Call me back.” In the meantime, I spoke with the insurance company and then Lou, asking if the heat was still working in the upstairs bathroom and the kitchen–it was! (and still is)–then I called post office back and learned that because I live on a busy street, the driver can’t do that. Huh? Whatever! So now until the box gets replaced, I have to be inconvenienced and go get my own mail…the day after.  There goes his Christmas tip! Our tax dollars at play! But, also, the police report will be ready to pick up today (allegedly) and the police station is near the post office and the deli is there, so maybe the silver lining in today’s outing, at least, will be that I can pop in for a container of soup.

But I got a nice new mailbox yesterday afternoon. I went on my lunch break and picked one out. (Nice!…yeah…it looks like everyone else’s) and I’m standing in line to pay for it and this knucklehead in front of me looks first at it then at me and goes: “Heheheheh…Mischief Night, huh?” I said, “Heheheheh, no, some kid flipped his car on my lawn last night!”.  Being in the throes of an increasingly aggravating day, I was in no mood to converse with a man wearing a turtleneck sweater.

So, yes! We have heat, but still not in the addition. They will be running a separate line on a separate zone. It’s the only way, the HVAC guy determined when they were here on Sunday and that will happen, Saints be praised, by the end of the week and then we can take the plastic off the entryways.

I got through Chapter 2 on my rewrites!

And this morning, we walked but it was a rough trip. For some reason my feet and legs felt like one unit and I was just clopping along like a lame horse and Ariel was fighting back a nosebleed. We didn’t make it to our usual 2 mile mark. In fact, we were far from it, by about another 5 minutes walking but the point is we got out and walked. And since we were there, we picked up the mangled post to our old mailbox, still laying on the sidewalk across the street and now it and the receptacle are together again in a heap on my own lawn. Here are some pics I took on Sunday when we got home. I’m sparing you the shot of the mangled deer on my lawn. Why I took a picture of that is beyond me. Oh, maybe in case we needed it for the police or something.


Have a lovely day!


One Response to “The Topic Du Jour”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Your comment about the “exchange” with the turtle neck sweater guy in line made me think something along the lines of – ‘sounds like New Jersey.’

    But I did particularly get a kick out of the guy’s response from the post office about seeing ’bout dat. Ha!

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