Le Jour Suivant

I have to make this quick because I’m running out of time and I want to get to some of Chapter 3 before I have to start working.

We walked again this morning, that’s point one.

Point two is that we had the Lou Crew.2.1.1 last night. They–Lou, his son, the HVAC guy and his helper. They came around 4 in the afternoon and were here until about 7. Lou spent time spackling the entryways from his wheelchair and his son made himself available to either him or the guys working in the basement who were installing the new pipes for the dedicated heat line into the addition.

As it happens, the police report won’t be ready for at least 10 days to two weeks; we were misinformed. Apparently it has to go through a series of proofreading, I assume to safeguard against any inappropriate description that might cause confusion in this awkwardly and over-litigious society.

And most likely, I’ll have to finish out the week picking up my mail, even though someone is supposed to come today to put in the new mailbox, because it’s each prior day’s mail I’m getting. I know tomorrow is a postal holiday but I don’t know whether he’ll have today’s mail on Friday with him as well as what would come tomorrow and Friday. Whatever it is, it’s annoying but it’s on its way to being rectified. I hate disruption. It’s so inconvenient. Oh, and yesterday, I stopped for my soup and I got the last of their country mushroom. So yummy. So, I have soup to look forward to all week.  Soup. Funny word, the more you say it.

I have no answer as to why I’ve lapsed into French the last two days.


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