It All Comes Back….

…except one tablespoon.

“It’s charming that you think of [Title Unimportant] as your magazine, and I suppose for $1-million and change, you could acquire a controlling interest and call the shots. Until that happens….”

You may be asking yourself, “Brian! For Heaven’s sake, what is that quote, seemingly laden with condescension, all about?” It’s Friday and I’d hate for you to remain in suspense over the entire weekend, so I’ll tell you. That, dear reader, is the opening line of a email I received in response to one I sent.

I recently received the latest issue of a magazine to which I subscribe and it was different; they had obviously changed its format and I was displeased with it. Being a paying customer, I decided to write them to express my opinion of the change, hence the email that began with the above and followed up by a few facts to “straighten me out” about the magazine.

Ariel found the response rather refreshing, eschewing political correctness and I have to say I kind of agree with him, but I also think a more tactful and professional approach might have been a little more conducive to keeping me as a customer. Frankly, the way I see it, they need my subscription dollars more than I need their trashy over-priced publication. Save a tree!

So, tomorrow, we’re supposed to have the Lou Crew, in whichever incarnation is available. And later in the afternoon, we’re meeting with our friends, Tim and Shane from Canada in the city. Months ago, we got tickets to go with them to see “Spiderman” on Broadway, but we found out the show has been delayed by three weeks due to technical issues with the production. We’re not sure what we’ll do in place of it, but I can guarantee it won’t be boring.

Today is National Pizza With The Works Except Anchovies Day, but I’d settle with a mushroom and sausage pie…just sayin’. And here’s an interesting tidbit, on this day in history, the Holland Tunnel, named after the chief engineer of the project, Clifford Milburn Holland, which connects New York and New Jersey, the first underwater tunnel, opened in 1927, after seven years of construction. In 1993, it was designated a National Historic Landmark.

That’s it. Go enjoy your weekend!


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