Still Short A Million

Update: I still haven’t come up with that million dollars and change…. Just thought I’d keep you apprised as to how that’s going.

Oh man, where to begin with this weekend? Well, let’s see, Friday after work, I set out to go to Costco and ended up at the good Stop & Shop (not the one by my house, the one I haven’t stepped foot in for approximately the last 4 years) and figured I’d be home in plenty of time to put the groceries away and make my cream of mushroom soup. But, as with all best laid plans, everything takes almost double the time you imagine, especially when you’re out, pretty much at the start of rush hour traffic. On my way home, Ariel called and said when he got to a certain point in his trip he’d call me back and I could head out to the car dealer where I was to drop off my car for service scheduled for Saturday and then we’d stop for dinner and then come home. I thought, maybe best to just go there while I was on the road anyway, but he was far enough away, allegedly I could till unload my purchases. Of course, the second I stepped in the house, he called, so I did what I needed to do and took off and still got there before he did.

I took my car Friday night because I heard from Lou he’d be at the house by 7:30 Saturday morning, the time we’d have left to drop off our cars. This way my car would already be there and I wouldn’t have to leave the house open for the Crew to get in.

I have pictures! The Lou Crew.2.1…infinity, at this point…showed up and the grading got done and we have gutters.


We still have no heat because the HVAC guy seemed to have gone AWOL but is rumored to be slated for at least one day this coming week, which is all he probably needs. Then we just need the top step, the platform, if you will, cemented and then some refinements in the room itself; finish the spackling and painting, moldings and the like and we should be done and hopefully get our CO. And as we hear it, Lou’s nephew, who did the grading on Saturday is going to mark off the patio area and he will take over that project, possibly in early Spring.

When our cars were ready and got back home (Ariel has loaner due to other work they found that had to be done) we hustled ourselves out of here to get to the city. We met our friends Tim and Shane, had a great dinner at Frankie and Johnny’s, then they went off to see their show, La Cage Aux Folles and, like us, they raved about it when we got together again later afterwards. We went to meet some other friends in the meantime for a little while, had a couple of beers, hung out and chit-chatted until they needed to hit the road and then we went to our post show destination to meet up again with Tim and Shane for to cap off the evening and the next thing we knew it was going on 4am. Oh yeah, and did I mention that we walked from 45th Street to 13th and then some? I won’t mention the emrgency stop at a pizza joint and the incident that involved me, a malfunctioning and ill-equipt lavatory and an angry door busting lesbian. But I will say we taxied back to our room. Yes, again we had a hotel room, this time with no offensive lobby music but a rather chic setting where soft music played and cocktails were served and where women wore very stylish shoes and that always catches my attention.   Since Spiderman had been canceled, we met  with Canada yesterday morning for a late breakfast, then we parted company while they went to finish off their stay in New York and then left for home.

And, here it is, Monday and it starts all over again. Oh, and by the way….(so much for our Broadway diet) we have another show next weekend and as far as we know this one isn’t postponed.


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