Night And Day

There’s an epidemic breaking out around these parts. Steakhouses are closing left and right. There’s another one of those phrases. But just over the weekend I saw that Lone Star was closed and heard they actually went out of business and now Charlie Brown’s is closing a bunch of locations, one of which is the one we go to. Whatever will become of this tragedy? I guess we’ll have to start cooking more.

Dolly Parton just received a Liseberg Applause Award for her Dollywood, which was deemed the friendliest park in the world. She is also working on a new album for release next summer and she will also tour the U.S. in the summer of 2011.

Why is it always forever and a day? Why can’t it be forever and a night? What about people who live in Alaska? Wouldn’t they be waiting forever and a night for the sun to come out? Conversely, they must wait for forever and a day for night to fall again. Think about it.

I hope no one was sitting under my apple tree the other night. Well, that would have been trespassing, which has happened before….long story, but we discovered the trespasser, who simply walked off our property, with us following him, as nonchalantly as he walked onto it, from across the street, down past the side of the house to a pine tree almost near the canal’s edge. At a safe distance, of course, we followed him as he retreated through the yard and we watched him cross the street and get into a waiting van that just sat for quite a while. We called the cops. We think he may (or may not have been) shooting up, but we found no physical evidence, but we saw him rolling up the sleeves of his sweatshirt. That was a creepy event. Ah, that wasn’t such a long story.

And it’s that time once again for me to start mentioning my friend, Jim’s yearly toy drive for his children’s foundation, Dare To Care. You can click here to be taken to his site and click on Christmas Toy Drive 2010.

I think that’s all I got for you. Class dismissed.


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