Was There A Sound?

Not much today, being Friday and all. There was supposed to be a plumber coming today to install a spigot in place of the one that was removed when the addition went on. Apparently it’s needed for the CO because it was on the plan. But I think the plumber got canceled in favor of the HVAC guy for whenever he can get back here to finish up the heating situation. Then, late yesterday afternoon, I heard somebody walking around the outside of my house and it was Gutter-man, who, in reality was Grizzly Adams and he was measuring for new gutters all around the house. Not a surprise, we asked for an estimate and there he was but it was momentarily alarming to see people walking around my house. And I love this one, he said to me, when I met them outside, I didnt’ think anyone was home so I didn’t bother to knock, and in the same breath asked me if I was the neighbor. HUH?

And last night we met with Patio-man (Lou’s nephew) who was here surveying the area on Wednesday and who brought us a different, more effective and sensible version of our design. We agreed to it and picked out a great complimentary paver to both the original brick on the house and the stone on the addition. If all the stars line up in retrograde and in the right houses and nothing is cross-cusping on anything else, the patio could be done by Christmas.  And,  from the sounds of it, it’s going to be a longer timeframe to get that addition done; he’s doubtful Lou will be returning and we are personally saddened by that.

We got the new gaming/breakfast nook table in yesterday, but the delivery guys wouldn’t bring it into the house, but they thought nothing of swarming  around the back of the house, even so much as knocking on the slider in the addition. Who delivers things to the back of a house? Isn’t the customary place to go the front door?  So for now, since we really don’t have a place to put it anyway, it’s in the garage and the porch light we ordered back in August finally came in yesterday as well.  Now we can get rid of that jelly jar we got to use to pass inspection. 

In a complete and utter failure to compete against the big bad tree, the little tree tried with all his might to show what he could do, all the while channeling his inner Annie Oakley with Anything you can do I can do better….  The big tree was correct when he replied, through a haughty laugh, No you cahn’t, no you cahn’t, no you cahn’t! The little tree is now in therapy. What I’m wondering is, if no one was out there, did either one of them make a sound?


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