Okay, So, What Do We Have?

Well, what we don’t have is any more trees falling apart, not since the last batch, anyway, so that’s a good thing.

What we do have is heat! Yes! We also have a new spigot! We also have a incorrectly outlined patio outline which we’ll have to address–it’s marked off too small. And we have new gutters. Funny, and frustrating story… yesterday morning, unbeknownst to us, Grizzly Adams showed up to install the gutters, though no price had been agreed upon. While making several panicky phone calls and waiting to find out what was going on, Mr. Adams kept himself busy straightening out his truck and then he took actual accurate measurements, since that would have to be done anyway. Two hours later, we got the go ahead phone call to start and then he hoped he wouldn’t run out of daylight.

We also have new towels for the bathroom. We got a set of nice deep plum and set of baby blue, both of which go great with the new bathroom tiles. One does not live on olive green or burgundy alone. However, when we got home, we discovered one of the blue bath towels was actually a sheet so it’ll have to be returned. Ugh. And we got home from doing that, it was dark, Grizzly was gone, but he had indeed finished all the gutters.

Then, from the three strikes you’re out but four strikes means you suck department, we have stricken a restaurant off our list of places to go in the city. Fortunately, we have been there only once before so it’s not like we’re totally invested in the place. We got a table right away (this is in Chelsea, by the way, Friday night, the place is called Lasagna—there, I dropped the name!) and within a few minutes our waiter sauntered over to the table and we ordered our drinks, but they didn’t “have Budweiser right now”, so I ordered a Manhattan and Ariel’s Beefeater gin martini, very dirty, with extra olives ended up being a Ketel One vodka martini. I’ve been around long enough to know when I go into a restaurant to have a back up selection ready and I did, because my first choice was a turkey and dried cranberry lasagna, (the odder the dish, the better–for me). Not available. Okay, I’ll have the mushroom lasagna, portabello (for an extra 1.50) please. Appetizer came, great, tasty. Mmm, can’t wait to dig into the steaming hunk of lasagna placed before me and at first, I all I could taste was cheese and sauce. Subsequent bites were getting saltier and saltier and less and less mushroom tasting. I lifted up the top layer only to find a mound of prosciutto. The waiter was complacently apologetic but offered to bring me a serving of sauteed portabellos, which were delicious, but kind of anticlimactic at that point. So, two drinks wrong, not having my initial choice, and then serving me something I could only half eat (the ham was too salty) equals 4 strikes and it’s unlikely we’ll return there. But fortunately, Chelsea, like the rest of Manhattan is chock full of eateries to choose from, so we’ll never go hungry in the city.

I’ve been going on and on and never mentioned the play we saw on Saturday, so, I’ll do that tomorrow.

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