We Interrupt This Vacation

Here we are, back in the real world after a nice relaxing week away, visiting family in Illinois for Thanksgiving. Funny side note; as per the norm, we traveled westward in the rain (mixed, for a time, with sleet and some snow) and retreated eastward in the rain. Also, per the norm, out of nowhere I caught a cold on the drive out and it held on miserably throughout the entire trip in spite of dose after dose of alleged remedies I took and as of this morning, my head is clear as a bell, with just a fain scratchy reminder in my throat.

Here’s is a quick rundown: We arrived at Melissa and Bob’s just in time for a scrumptious lasagna dinner and as you can imagine after a 15 hour drive, our wits were not about us. But it’s okay to be stupidly punch drunk in front of your family. Thursday morning found us all in shifts in Melissa’s kitchen preparing our portion of Thanksgiving dinner; mine was Grandma B’s stuffing which went like hot cakes. We had intended to go back with my father and Shirley that night, but it was a tiring day so we decided to go first thing Friday morning. Later that day we brought pizzas to my brother’s house and we had a great visit, chatting and being entertained by the dogs. On Saturday night, we headed to the bustling metropolis of Taylorville to see Bob play in his band, Closing Time and we were back to The Ranch Annex (my father and Shirley’s) by midnight. As it turns out, we narrowly escaped the outbreak of fisticuffs. Sunday came quickly and after a buffet breakfast at the Golden Corral (with freakish similarities to those freakish online photos of Walmart patrons) we headed back to Melissa’s for the farewell gathering. Then to Steak -N- Shake for dinner then home to bed for our departure, in the rain, the next morning.

While we were gone, the back stoop had been filled in with cement and four slate pavers to match the front walk, but that was all. I spoke with Lou once to remind him we’d be home today, so maybe something will be going on later and nothing out of the patio guy since I left him a message last week asking him to come by a night earlier to discuss enlarging his outline. I think the mail was finally held. I always hold the mail starting a day earlier to make sure it’s been stopped but last Tuesday, like clockwork, I had mail in my box. I called and was told “Yes, you may have a confirmation number, but we don’t have the order here!” I don’t see my mailbox bulging open so perhaps she really did leave the note on my carrier’s desk like she said she would.

So, while my eyes blink their way through reacquaintance with my surroundings, don’t blink your eyes at your screen. Yes, it’s snowing once again on my blog. And don’t forget to check out the homepage on the main website; the December quote and logo are up for your perusal.

Have a lovely…oh, it’s Wednesday…have a lovely Wednesday!


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