Red Cabbage

What do red cabbage, dinner at McCormick and Schmick’s and Burlesque all have in common? It’s how we spent this past Friday night. Oh, where to begin… ?

In spite of having only three days to work last week, because of the tail end of the Illinois trip, I managed to squeeze in long hours Wednesday and Thursday so Friday wouldn’t be a “full” day. We needed new shirts for the company Christmas party next weekend so it was off to the mall, first to see Cher’s new movie, Burlesque, but also to go to Macy’s for our shirts afterward.

But, by the grace of Goodness, we made our 3:30 showing of the movie and here’s where the day started that vortex of oddness. The theater at Bridgewater Commons, AMC Theaters has been renovated to a dine-in movie theater. Tickets are an additional $10 to cover that amount of whatever food you might order and then you pay the balance. Remember that story I did a while back about the mobile movie theater in England? Well, it would have worked for us on Friday because we were the only two in the theater.

I don’t know who started the rumor that Christina Aquilera was so bad an actress the movie would become an instant cult classic, but I have to say, I was surprised. For what her part was, she carried it off. Even more than Cher did in some scenes who came across stiff and robotic. I’d say plastic, but that would be rude. The plot was thin and there were too many offshoot subplots, but for the most part it was enjoyable. I even found myself wanting to applaud after some of the musical numbers.

Okay, back to the dine-in movie experience. Our usher, who turned out to be our waitress, walked us through the ticket buying process which is done at an automated kiosk at the front of the theater, on the mall side of the bar. Yes, bar! She explained the ticket price, etc. We got to our theater, number 6, just in time before the movie began and even though we got to choose our seats at the kiosk, we really could have any pick inside because, like I said before, it was just the two of us, in larger than necessary seats (think a smaller version of your own comfy recliner) with more leg room than I afford myself even at home and our waitress.

In the dark, we hurriedly perused the menu while the opening credits rolled on the screen in front of us and we each ordered a beer and an appetizer. We didn’t want to fill up too much because we’d be having dinner later on. Each seat comes with a cup holder, a menu, a swivel tray and a set of silverware rolled up in a napkin.

Even though we were the only two watching this blockbuster epic, it still seemed a silly concept. I mean, throughout the movie, the waitress kept coming to us to see if we were “okay” and we had to turn our attention from the screen to answer her. At one point, I moved my silverware across the tray and it clanged a little and I thought to myself, if this was a theater full of people and someone else had clanged their silverware, I’d have lost my mind! And if it were a theater full of people, it would be so chaotic with wait staff attending to everyone, who could enjoy the already overpriced movie?

So, for me, I’ll take a bucket of popcorn and a soda and just let me watch my movie in peace.

So, after the movie we…. whoops….come back tomorrow to get the next chapter in this Twilight Zone-ish Friday night experience.


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One Response to “Red Cabbage”

  1. Donna Says:

    Dine-in movie theater!? Oh my. Yes, how distracting if there were a crowd of people!

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