Time To Kill

Before we had left for the mall, I tried on my suit and believe it or not, it actually fit me looser than the last time I wore it. Can that mean I’m actually losing weight? Don’t dare broach that topic with the reflection in my mirror; he’ll laugh at you! Anyway, that was a welcome relief and great money was saved!

Oh, quick funny story. We were about halfway to the mall, when Ariel realized he didn’t have his cell phone so we doubled back, he found his phone, after I had to call it from mine while I waited in the driveway in the truck. It was upstairs in the pile of work clothes he’d just changed out of and we lickety split head out again and we STILL made it before the movie started.

So, after the movie, we made our way to Macy’s and I found someone to measure my neck. It’s been a while since I had to buy a dress shirt and the last time I did my neck measured 18″, thanks to my rigorous workout schedule, which I have to get back to, but that’s another issue. I clocked in at 17-1/2. We picked out our shirts and new ties and went to the cashier. Naturally, it was time for a shift change and there was mass confusion at the register and memorable quotes were spoken such as “I hate Christmas” and “If she thinks I’m gonna train her…” (in reference to a young employee who was patiently waiting to ask a question once the current transaction, ours, was completed) by our cashier. Oh, yeah, and she had just come on duty. She was going to have a looooong night!

We still had some time to kill before our dinner reservations, which we really didn’t need, but better to have them, right? Ariel figured it being a Friday the mall would be swarming with people and they might, at some point, get hungry. Not so. We did a little Xmas shopping in the meantime. Yes, we caved and did a little something for everyone, even though we had decreed early on that Xmas wasn’t in our cards this year with the cost of the construction factored in.

It seemed a little odd at how few people were in the mall, yet the parking lot was jammed and there were people were looking for spots. And we managed to piss at least one person off when all we did was drop off our packages in the truck and headed back to the mall to get dinner.

We sat down and in the blink of an eye Fernando appeared and….. The saga will continue in tomorrow’s installment.

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