So, You Think That’s Big

On a final note, on Friday, we went and paid our last respects to Lou and his family.

We then thought we’d go to dinner at O’Connors Steak House and were anxious to see what they’d done with the place, since the last time we were past there, a sign announcing a new restaurant was soon to come. Well, it’s still coming and after much deliberation as we drove around trying to decide on where to eat, we settled for Ruby Tuesday.

Saturday evening we visited some friends down the shore and their ferocious–sorry, check that, precious little Chiweenie, Rusty who stopped at nothing to get us to bring him home with us, well, maybe with a little nudging from me to pack his suitcase. We hear he talked about nothing else but us after we left.

So Sunday came and it was the day of our company Christmas party that was over 1400 strong. Because of the amount of people we didn’t have the normal sit down dinner, but rather it was an open, all-evening cocktail hour with food stations set up throughout the various rooms of the Westmount Country Club. It was a great idea so that people could eat what and when they wanted and it afforded everyone to mingle. From the sound of it, this set up was received better than was anticipated.

What we didn’t expect was for Ariel (and a few others, as it turns out, we found out later) to wipe out in the foyer of the banquet hall. They redid the entryway and staircase with a translucent acrylic that lights up in a rainbow of colors from underneath. Sure, it’s all sparkly and elegant, but it had been raining and the ground was wet and that combined with that new flooring sent Ariel to the floor and he somehow twisted his knee and now it’s all swollen and he can hardly walk. They had a mop girl stationed there to clean up the wet spots, but it was suggested perhaps a rug might have been more effective.

But otherwise the party was a success and I had my big moment when my name was called out in the roster of employees with 10 years in the company. And I got a wristwatch as a gift. Wow, ten years!

See that picture? We went out Saturday morning to sort of point out the size of the patio. That’s us in the background and in the front, that huge brick thing is a piece of the retaining wall and is at the far outside corner. Ariel is up by where the garden portion will be and that will run the entire length along that side of the addition. From the front, or rather the side where the slider is, to where that block is and over to me is the actual patio part.

Then yesterday, Patio Joe and Patio Brother–I call him that because I don’t remember his name–came by to lay some hay down and cover it over with tarps to keep the ground warm where they’ll be working and I took some pictures of that to get a little better idea of the enormity of it. Plus with the fencing and lights and the new slate fire pit that just arrived yesterday we’re gonna be on our way to our own Shangri-la at Leaning Pines. Next thing we have to do is find furniture. So, stay tuned.



One Response to “So, You Think That’s Big”

  1. Donna Says:

    I hope Ariel’s knee is better! Humungo porch!

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