Fading Away

I had a scary experience last night. Ariel brought home an apple pie someone had brought to work to give as gifts for the holidays and when it was finally time to have dessert (yeah, I know, there goes my fat belly again) I cut each of us a generous portion, poured a glass of milk for myself and doused Ariel’s in whipped cream. I took my first bite and, oh my God…it was delicious. I don’t even think the last one I made tasted as good and you know I pride myself on my apple pie, from crust to filling. For me to really rave about another apple pie, and mean it…now I’m nervous. Maybe I’m losing my touch. I better go make one and regain my confidence.

Is it my imagination or is my blog snowing harder as the month progresses?

Okay, quick “house” update. The “New” Crew (get it? New rhymes with Lou… and Newnatics just doesn’t have the same ring, so…) was here yesterday to do some more work and will be back today to continue on those last details that need to be taken care of. The New Crew consists of Lou’s 2 brothers; Jim, the one from Virginia who has been up here for a while and who is going back to see his wife this coming weekend and will be gone for two weeks, and Charlie, along with his son, Dave,  from California who are leaving for home on Thursday. Jim is confident we’ll be inspection ready before he leaves and we just have to hope we pass. Patio Joe and Patio Brother are to begin on the patio today.

Oh yeah, don’t touch the bottom of a hot frying pan.

So, here’s something odd. Since we got the bathroom redone upstairs, we’ve gone to hell with ourselves and bought several sets of nice plush towels in several regal colors, all that compliment the new tile work. We’ve been noticing that one towel of each set has been fading in blotches. Ready? I’m the cause of it. Well, not me, but my soap.

My new dermatologist had recommended a soap to use to help clear up my yucky dry skin and I’ve been using it since the summer. But now, since it’s getting colder, my skin is drying up even more and I went online to see if Pan Oxyl had a lotion I could use after my shower. I started to read some user reviews and one of the people who wrote warned that his or her towels were discoloring. So, I had to make a quick decision and I found a new soap, Dove special limited edition winter formula bar soap and already I’m feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom with a grit grade of 30. Got any paint you want stripped? I can do this little dance…..

That’s all I got and hopefully tomorrow I’ll have some progress pictures on the patio and I also have an observation I want to share.


One Response to “Fading Away”

  1. Donna Says:

    Hmmm Interesting about the discoloration of towels. We have that going on too. Actually, I bought two of the same wash cloth. I put one in each bathroom. One of them, after I washed them, is totally blotchy and discolored! It could be the soap used? We have other towels that do the same thing…brand new towels…discoloring! I thought it was cheap manufacturing! Hmmm

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