Round And Round…

Okay, consider this a warning, I am not responsible for this blog. I actually wrote it last night and I was completely drained. Let’s review:

The Patio Brothers came with their posse and began work on the patio. When I could, when an opportunity arose during the day, I took a few progressive pictures. I thought I would take one after they left but, alas, the put the hay back and recovered the whole shebang with those tarps. So, when I get a few more I’ll put together a part one of a slide show. Then there’s the ordeal with the lighting. The lights we wanted for out there, which we ordered months ago, when we ordered that fan, which you haven’t seen yet, were backordered and were due to in the beginning of last month, and then yesterday, but as of this past Monday, they now won’t be shipped until at least the end of January. Well, neither would a completely new set we picked out, or a third. So, now we’re scrambling to find lighting so the work can be completed in one shot.

Meanwhile, the New-natics (oh, yeah, see? It does work!) were here, did a final sanding on the spackle, put the kick plate on underneath the slider, the saddles in the doorways, and they put the baseboard moldings up in the kitchen and old dining room and somewhere along the way they ended up about three feet short in one section, which will have to be done today. Also, what needs to be done is the railing on the back steps and Jim is not sure he’ll be able to get to that today because he’s got another appointment at noon and isn’t sure when he’ll be here. From the way it sounded by the end of the day, if it came to it, he’d have to put the railing up on Friday–remember, he leaves for home on Saturday–and it would be ideal if he were here when the inspector came; I’d be more comfortable than having to face the inspector alone. But that can only happen if the railing goes up today. Of course, either way, there’s the chance we could fail and it could be who knows when, and by whom the work would get corrected. I’m trying not to think of that. Kind of seems small potatoes by comparison to their current situation, and things are getting done as they can, but how nice would it be to finished before Christmas? So, we’ll see.

We go LIVE to Thursday morning. There was a dusting of snow blanketing the ground when I awoke. Should not interfere with patio progress.  We now return you to your pre-written blog, already in progress.

That observation I wanted to share is that, am I the only one who seems to think it’s staying lighter later these days? I actually wanted to write about this last week, but something shiny must have caught my attention. The shortest day of the year is still a week away, but I began to notice how light it was between 4:30 and 5 a week or so ago. So, that makes me wonder if the earth’s axis may have shifted somewhat. And if my observation isn’t equal to or greater than a hallucination, I wonder if that isn’t the true cause for this global warming you hear tell of. I mean, look, there was once an ice age and now there’s this opposite phenomenon.

Hey, you know what? This wasn’t such a bad blog after all, now that I go back and look at it.

Now, (and remember this is last night) it’s time to go have another slice of that confidence shaking apple pie.


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