Here’s To The Omelette


Amazing, you know what I mean, like….whatever! Well, whatever was voted by 39% of those polled to be the most irritating word of 2010. “Like”, which received 28 % of the vote was mostly by the age group that most uses the word; kind of like they don’t know enough to come in out of the rain. “To tell you the truth” and “Actually” were also on that list of irritating words. But what I want to know is, where the f**k is “amazing”? You know what I mean?

Another harrowing day under our belts concerning the CO for the house, but from the way Jim was talking yesterday afternoon when he came to finish the section of the floor molding in the kitchen, his son arranged for the inspectors to give us, I guess, a temporary CO, meaning we can make use of the room for the holidays. But then we have to haul everything back out afterward…just kidding. No. Actually, it’s all a bit confusing and a little frustrating because one way he said it, it sounded like it would be the final inspection and then another way he said it, it won’t be until the patio is done and the railing on the back steps is installed, even though an inspection isn’t required for the patio. He and his son, who knows and has dealt with these inspectors on numerous occasions will be here today.

Meanwhile, as you can see in the slide show below, work is progressing quickly on the patio. In fact, Joe said by next Thursday it’ll be finished. Now, whether that includes the lighting all depends on his ability to get them in time. He knows our price range, he knows the color, and he has an idea of the design we’re looking for. I gave him free rein, actually, carte blanche was the snooty word I used, to just get whatever lights meeting that criteria he can so the entire job can be completed at once. So, again, we’ll see.

Meanwhile, this slide show comprises two days of actual work, from the trucks setting up in the yard to the actual patio portion being 7/8 the way completed and maybe one shot of how the machines are rutting up my grass. But I guess you have to break a few eggs to make an omelette. So, here’s to my omelette! And in case you want to see any of them longer I also included a “gallery”.

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