On The Move

It’s official. Semi-official. We moved into the addition this weekend. Jim told us we could, that his son had explained the situation to the inspectors and they said we could move in, but we still need that railing on the back steps in order to get our CO.

Lou’s wife called the other evening to give us an update on what will be happening in the coming days and also to ask what all we still needed done according to the contract and all of it will begin, possibly as early as today, with a guy coming to measure for the railing.

Meanwhile, the patio is progressing, the retaining wall was completed on Saturday and Joe showed us the markings of were the fence posts will be. With any luck we’ll find out today if we’ll have lights so the entire job can be completed in one fell swoop. We’ve had to change our minds a few times because the lights we’ve been picking out haven’t been available and, of course, we wouldn’t expect anything different.

So, as I said, the rarely seen dining room furniture is in, as well as our gaming area. To our, or at least, my surprise, it fits and with lots of room to spare, better than I had imagined because taking into consideration all kinds of factors, it would be a tight squeeze sitting around that table. And speaking of that table, and the chairs, the sideboard and the buffet, all of it was stained and polished to a brand new luster and the set hasn’t looked that good since we got it. And yesterday we began to rearrange the other rooms in the house. After all the hubbub of the holidays, we’ll get the painting done.

Oh, did I tell you I took pictures? But I don’t have them ready for today. We took a friend out for his birthday last night and got home a bit late so I didn’t get a chance to get them blog-ready, but they will be up soon enough…including the long-awaited shot of the ceiling fan.

On that note… later!


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