Hats Off To The New Room

It’s been 372 years since the last lunar eclipse that fell on the winter solstice in the Northern Hemisphere. Did anyone see it?

Someone said I should change my mug shot, so I’m experimenting.

Okay, some good news. The new lighting fixtures we picked out for patio are available and came in within our price range. The only thing though, this particular set does not have a matching wall lantern, as they evidently are called now. I mistakenly looked for porch lights online and got everything from strings of Christmas lights to plastic Santas that light up. I learned of the new terminology while we stood in Lowes last night, looking for one we found on their website only to learn it no longer exists (note to Lowes: update update update!) when I went on the Home Depot site and found the perfect “match” to the post lamps. Of course, it’s not available in any store within a 35 mile radius. So, someone is supposed to be calling me today to see if it can be ordered or we’ll have to keep searching. There really is no urgent rush except for that we hoped to have the entire thing done at once.

So, worked vigorously continued on the patio yesterday and today the pavers will be finished, the fencing installed and the garden beds done. At least that’s the plan. More guys are expected today, so I have a larger pot of coffee set to go for them. I took a few pictures yesterday but I will post them tomorrow to make it a more impressive presentation and so that means, now, I can show you the new room.


A look at both entryways with the finished new base moldings. Of course we still have to paint. Then we sneak in through the kitchen for a first peek at the room.


Some close up shots of the dining room, spread out and cleaned up and then the woodtone vertical blinds on the sliding door. I still can’t believe we have a sliding door.


This first room is where all that dining room furniture had been since we bought it, ages ago and we’ve used that room maybe 3 or 4 times in nearly 12 years. Recently, the table itself became the pantry. That’s the futon that helped cramp up my office, which also needs a makeover (nothing drastic, just some rearranging). We have two chairs that were Grandma B’s we want to have recovered and put in this ex-dining room, but the upholsterer we contacted only went so far as to tell us he’d call when his samples came in and that was over 2 months ago. Then the gaming corner/breakfast nook with two settees a pie wedge lift top table and then a long shot of the dining room from in front of the slider/futon room.

 And at long last, the fan. The ceiling had to be raised to 9 feet to accomodate it, but really, wasn’t it worth it? We’re thinking of painting the sides of that tray the same color as the room, but we have to get more of that color because we’ll aslo need it for the paint job we’re doing in the kitchen, kitchenette and the futon room.

 And lastly, a fond memory and a tribute. Way back, while the addition was still in its rough framing stages, on an already blistering hot Saturday morning, Ariel spotted Lou’s straw hat he’d wear to shield the sun hanging on some scaffolding. “I have to get a picture of that,” he said and snapped a shot. I had an idea of having a print made and giving it to Ariel for a Christmas present. Of course, as time progressed, it seemed more and more fitting that we should have that print and I got to work on designing it. I ended up giving it to Ariel earlier than Christmas because the day it arrived, was the day of Lou’s wake and it was a joyous symbol on such a solemn day. And that’s the picture you see on the table on the pie wedge table.

One Response to “Hats Off To The New Room”

  1. Donna Says:

    VERY nice room! I have never seen such a ceiling fan! Wow; what a fan! And, yes, nice touch of the picture of Lou’s straw hat. Indeed, hats off to the new room.

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