Don’t Fence Me In

In just a few short hours from now, depending on when you’re reading this, I will be done with work for the week and will be in the kitchen baking. This year I’m making a red and green velvet cake to take to Ariel’s parents’ for Christmas Eve. I don’t know for sure if Baby Rita will be making our apple pie or not. She does a great job with it every time she does. I also have to decorate the tree. Ariel picked up a little 2′ fiber optic tree that twinkles in a variety of colors. We were using the little ceramic Beagle tree from The Bradford Exchange but he thought a slightly larger one would look better in the window. We decided what with all the hullabaloo with the house and the last thing we needed was that humongous tree and with all the trimmings.

I could, and should, go on and on about the patio. And you know what? I will. The larger crew was here yesterday, but they didn’t drink as much coffee as I anticipated. Ugh, if there’s one thing I can stand see go to waste is a good pot of coffee. They worked on the fencing, the garden bed, finished the pavers up to the house and ran the wiring for the lights. The plumber was also here and connected a water line for irrigation for the garden. And wouldn’t you know it? I’ve got a bunch of pictures.



The day the paving began, first with pallets of pavers and then the sand was dumped and spread out. The last picture in this row shows the side where the garden beds will be.


The paving in various stages


Some more of the paving. The flatbed full of fencing. Installing the fence.


The first section of fence. Later in the day. A shot looking over the garden beds to the back. And the completed outline of the gardens. I can almost taste those tomatoes now. And the basil. And I hope there will be enough room for a mozzarella plant.



2 Responses to “Don’t Fence Me In”

  1. Donna Says:

    moving right along with that patio. Looks really nice!

  2. Melissa Says:

    I saw a picture of the red and green velvet cake. It was great!!! Very effective! And Christmassy 🙂

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