Happy Holidays

Well, here I am, back after a wonderful Christmas break. Christmas was great, spending Christmas Eve, as we always do with Ariel’s parents. This year was even more special being baby Yonathan’s first Christmas. Earlier in the day, Patio Joe and his wife came by for cake and coffee and Tammy got to see all the work her hubby did outside and what her Uncle Lou had done on the house. We visited for quite a while and even talked about photographing the patio for Joe’s website. Later, my mother got here and we took off to Newark.

Christmas Day was enjoyable and relaxing. The three of us had a leisurely breakfast then opened gifts with Stephen King’s Misery playing on the TV. We had our inaugural dinner that night in the new dining room and later we watched The Women (1939), with the promise of the next time she’s over, of watching the 2008 horrible remake, just to prove a point why classic movies should never be tampered with.

Sunday rolled around and we went out to take care of some stuff that needed to be taken care of and on the way home, the snow had begun, light at first, but before long the ground was covered and there was no sign of stopping. It took us nearly 3 hours to clean the snow we needed to clean, including a pathway along the inside of the fence on the patio, just in case the lights come in before the snow has a chance to melt so Joe would have a place to walk. And speaking of patio, I have more pics. So, before I leave you with those, let me take a quick moment to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2011. This will be my last blog for this year and I will see you here after the New Year!


Starting out the back door, looking from side to side. See that poor lonely, lost looking fire pit?


The firepit/coffee table, a great find, and a great compliment, we think. And then a look at the opposite end of the patio and a portion of the garden.


Looking into the garden and then panning around. A shot of the front corner of the patio from the outside.


A view of the fence and retaining wall from all angles.


A few shot of the patio in the snow!


One Response to “Happy Holidays”

  1. Donna Ortman Says:

    Patio is so cool! Even without the snow! HA!
    Happy New Year!

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