Ringing In The New Year (With A Big Thank You!)

Well, happy 2011! Everyone’s hangovers gone? Good. I thought and I thought, how, oh how will I start off the new year on my blog, now that the pictures of the work on the house have all been shown and the snow from the Christmas weekend blizzard is still holding its ground in spite of some moderate temperatures. I could tell you how Christmas was, but I believe I already did that. I could tell you I got a delivery of 13 80lb bags of salt for my water softener yesterday, but that’s really boring. I could tell you that yesterday I also had a doctor’s appointment that sort of snuck up on me since I rescheduled it from last November. I was a bad boy and didn’t do what I was supposed to and feared a whoopin’. But, all’s good. Though you wouldn’t believe what the tech told me I weighed. 284. Well, that’s not right. She misread it. It’s really 234. Still not optimal, but now what I should have been at had I followed orders since last June. A-hem! But who wants to hear about a visit to the doctor?

I know! I could tell you how New Year’s was… Briefly, we rang in the New Year in Philly, our revived old tradition from many moons ago. We were all huddled on the dance floor being jostled about like cattle in a hurry to nowhere watching as Dick Clark (he looks good, couldn’t hear him though) and Ryan Seacrest counted down the last minute as the ball dropped right into 2011. On New Year’s Day there was The Mummer’s Parade, of course and then friends of ours were also in Philly so we hooked up with them and subsequently others we know and we tried try to replicate the level of partying we did the night before but by 9 o’clock, everyone was excusing themselves to their respective chambers in various hotel rooms around the city.

Before I go any further, a big special thank you to all my readers. I had an email from WordPress, the host of my blog, to let me know how my had done in the last year. On the blog health-o-meter, I ranked a big WOW!

The busiest day of the year for my blog was December 23 with 146 viewers. My most popular day was “A Wednesday Smorgasbord” posted on July 28. It was the day before President Obama was to speak at The Tastee Sub Shop in Edison and it was the day after Bugs Bunny’s birthday. Thank you one and all, again.

When I first began my blog, it was on my main website.It was intended to help reach prospective agents/publishers, but the message wasn’t getting across. I realized I needed to go further into cyberspace and so I began blogging on WordPress through the same people that hosts my website but, that too, wasn’t reaching as far as it should have. Of course then, they lost all my pictures…how many of you remember that fiasco? There were pictures of all sorts of things like concerts, my garden, me when I was thin and in shape. I’m just kidding, no such picture of that exists. You can see those early blogs by clicking here. This will bring you to 2008 archive page where you can see the very first ones from January and February and then the move to the first incarnation of WordPress. Any newcomers feel free to roam around the site.

Actually, a picture of me with a bit of a six-pack and some actual color on my skin instead of being a pasty fish belly white does exist. If you ask me real nice, I’ll post it in the future.

So for over a year I’ve been with WordPress proper and it’s a more far-reaching service. I also link to Facebook through it in the hopes that some of my friends there might read me and consider returning. And, if you 146 viewers were to tell just one friend and they in turn…you know… about my blog, maybe at some point it might catch the eye of by someone who just needs a blockbuster novel to publish, or at the very least, represent for me. And really, wouldn’t that topic be a nice one to keep up with? Unless I get more work done on my house, but I’m not putting myself through that again for a while. Well, maybe not until the spring, anyway.

284 pounds!? I knew I shoulda backed off on the punkin’ pie.



One Response to “Ringing In The New Year (With A Big Thank You!)”

  1. Donna Says:

    I went to the old blogs and from 1/3/08, I am laughing!! While you were waiting 45 for your prescription for your clogged ear to be filled:
    I sat in my car listening to the radio, (The Radio Chick, who sadly is no longer on the air) while the sky darkened, harkening a ferocious storm, whose winds kicked up sand particles from the parking lot, or maybe it was pieces of the parking lot, I’m not sure, and while I devoured my chocolate I read the instructions on the Earplanes box. “To use: hold nose, blow as if blowing nose, insert Earplane.” I decided to have a dress rehearsal before actually using them and looking like an ass on the plane and in so doing, my ear popped open. Gee, thanks, Doc! Thank God for 5 dollar co-pays.

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