I was thinking about blogging about the number 11, since this is 2011, but quite frankly, what I got out of the article about the number 11 and what it means, I thought, duh, how boring, “one left over 10”. That’s what the Old English meaning of endleofan is. See what I’m saying? Not really blog-worthy. However, I did learn that the term “elevenses” in England is a mid-morning snack such as a biscuit with a cup of tea. It was also used in America in reference to a now abandoned custom of a pre-noon whiskey break. Oh yeah? Abandoned?

So, anyway, on to some big news. We spent the weekend painting. First, on Friday, on one of the coldest days of they year, we primed over the old paint in the kitchen, the kitchenette and the ex-dining room. We used that Kilz and holy smoke, it just about did just that to both of us. The fumes were so bad that a couple of times Ariel nearly fell off the ladder from lightheadedness and both our eyes were swollen and bloodshot. I think a handful of salt thrown in my face would have been less painful. On top of that, when we were finished with all three rooms by around 10pm, we had to shovel the snow that fell that day. I just didn’t want it to freeze into a sheet of ice.

Saturday saw a much more humane day of painting and the kitchen is now the same color as the addition. It’s called timothy straw, and you’ve probably seen the pictures (I’m assuming) on my blog at one point or another. The middle kitchen, now officially known as the kitchenette, started out as white chocolate. The ex-dining room, now known as the sitting room / downstairs guest room / anti dining room is now white marigold. And then we went out and shoveled Saturday’s snowfall.

Yesterday we finished off the kitchenette with a sort of Italian marble / old world finish that includes the timothy, white marigold, mellowed ivory.

And because there was no snow to shovel after that, we went instead to pick out paints for upstairs. In all these years, we haven’t put a single dab of paint on the second floor, the new bathroom notwithstanding. And not only that, we ordered carpet for the two main bedrooms and hallway upstairs. Yeah, look at us! New addition. New patio…it’s like a brand new house.

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One Response to “Endleofan”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Your comment about “elevenses” reminds me of the hobbits in “Lord of the Rings.” They eat “second breakfast” … and you know what? So do I! 🙂

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