What Was New Is New Again

You know what else drives me a little batty? Watching people, alright, actors, on television drink something from a cup, like coffee. Not all, but some, just can’t make it look natural. They just hold their lidded paper cups from the local beanery (that’s right I said beanery…oh! that reminds me…wait I’ll get to it) at weird unnatural angles and it’s obvious the cups are empty. They just don’t tip them enough to look like they’re actually drinking. I guess it’s kind of like crying or laughing, some can pull it off and make it look real and others, you just know they’re trying too hard.

So, what that reminds me of, is that, well, does anybody out there remember in a land far, far away in a time almost forgotten, ages before a Starbucks overran every possible tract of real estate in just about any city there used to be the Chock Full Of Nuts coffee shops? Well, the chain is being resurrected with it’s first shop that opened Chelsea in New York back in October (and I haven’t been there yet, what’s with that?) with plans for 50 citywide in the next 15 years. Finally, a coffee shop I would enjoy going into.

Speaking of the snow, I just have to say that all the flap over the Christmas Weekend blizzard; who did and didn’t do what and when and why that caused everyone to be well prepared, to have people and machines and salt and GPS’s and pretty much the eye of the Almighty making sure there was enough preparedness got me to wondering…. was that Christmas snow the first time we ever had a blizzard? Why all the hubbub? It took me an hour this morning to do my complete driveway, front walk, back walk and a path to my mailbox (which thankfully was still perched on its post) and I saw plow after plow cruising by, yet the street is nothing but a slushy mess. 

Well, I’m pretty certain it wasn’t as much snow on the ground twelve years ago on this date as we have today thanks to the current raging snowstorm we’re having, but I know it was January 12, I know that. And today, being January 12, it’s our 12th anniversary here at Leaning Pines. Back then, everything was all new, well, new to us and here it is all new once again. And the newness isn’t ending. Yesterday the rug measurer guy was here and if anybody is able to make it to rug headquarters because of the snow, we’ll hear today about the price (to see how close the estimate came the other night) and to set up an installation date. This coming weekend, like I already said, we’ll be painting the upstairs. As far as downstairs goes, we need to make a final decision on colors and that will happen during the next painting jag.



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2 Responses to “What Was New Is New Again”

  1. Donna Says:

    I remember you taking me to a Chock Full of Nuts coffee shop years and years ago in NYC.

  2. Melissa Says:

    Oh, Uncle Brian, you’re the ginchiest! (sp?) Just sayin’ …

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