Pretty Foxy

First stop on our foxy blog for this Thursday is Belarus.  A hunter with no name, at least not that he’s admitting to, ended up in the hospital after a hunting expedition in the Grodno region. He shot his prey, a fox, and a scuffle broke out…with the wounded animal. The hunter with no name approached the fox with the intention of finishing it off with a blow with the butt of his rifle but the animal “outfoxed” him and resisted and I’m assuming the gun fell to the ground. During the scuffle the fox’s paw landed on the trigger, the rifle went off, blasting a bullet into the hunter’s leg. Missed his shot? Was going to bash in the fox’s head? Got shot by the fox? One or more is probable cause of his secret identity.

Let’s move on to Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. A pair of foxes have taken up residence on a snow-covered roof top. And they’ve become so comfortable in their wintertime digs, they’ve begun to ignore the hordes of onlookers, some equipt with cameras and have even decided to mate. I guess one’s a female and the other is a male. They leave their little roost and forage for food and a while later they return. Seeing foxes roaming around Charlottetown is not unusual, it’s like seeing a dog or a cat, but, as biologist Randy Diblee says of the rooftop foxes, ‘It certainly is a very unusual situation, unique in some respects.’

Then on to New Jersey, which was the setting of American Idol’s Tenth Season audition premier show; the Fox Network (my fox trifecta) is the connection here. Welcome new judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler to the circus otherwise known as singing superstar hopefuls. A refreshing facelift from the staleness that had become ‘the Cowell show’. As the show opened, my first thought of Tyler was that his rebel yelling, mouthing along with some contestants’ auditions and keeping time by pounding on the newly designed desk would be an annoying distraction, but as the show went on he calmed down and became more tolerable. It took Jennifer Lopez a few painful auditions to become more critical about what was happening before her, getting down to business and offering helpful advice. I’m thinking it’s gonna be a good season. Even Randy seems to have more to do this year that parrot what everyone else says, having shifted his under’dawg’ to the lead position. Oh, yeah, and there’s no Kara either. Yeah, it’ll be a good season.  And, with her “God Bless The Child”, Devyn Rush from New Hope, PA is my favorite of the night.


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  1. Melissa Says:

    My, what a foxy blog!

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