A Nightmare Called Thursday!

Finally it’s Friday and not a day too soon. I thought I might blog about something other than the nightmare that was Thursday, and leave that mess behind, but then  you’d miss out on the further adventures of the mailbox; the garbage mishap and the computer woes. Now, being the type of blogger that I am, I wouldn’t want you to miss out on that so…

The night before, the recorded message at my trash collecting company said collection on Thursday would go on as scheduled. I dragged my overflowing garbage can to the curb in what had already fallen by 10pm and shoveled out a spot for it to sit level. Well, of course, we woke up to about 14 inches of snow that we had to clean. Remember I posted pics of it yesterday? I did that prior to going outside. The cleaning took about 2 hours, which included having to upright my spilled garbage can; I had called again in the morning and the message said the trucks were running late but pick up would go on a scheduled, and by 9:30 I was all set to get to work and turned on my computer and it wouldn’t accept my log-on password. No matter what I/we tried, it wouldn’t work.  So, outfitted with a bunch of numbers and codes, I braved making the call to customer service.  I’ll spare you how with each failing attempt the guy made being virtually connected to my computer got me sicker and sicker to my stomach and will go right to the part where he suggested wiping the computer clean and starting from scratch as though it were a new computer.

Fast forward to the finale of that mess and when the ether of panic cleared I realized all that I had lost that was still on my computer; pictures, music and other sundry items.  My biggest panic, was the rewrite on my novel’s sequel, but I am happy to report the updates, because I was working on it through my external drive, is still intact. Everything else is thankfully, (and unfortunately) replaceable.  I finally got to work at noon.

I don’t know, they must have imported slush from other counties because at one point, my garbage can had been knocked down and I uprighted it once again. After another hour or so, it had fallen again, this time dumping food and such into the slush in my driveway. But not only that, so had my maibox gotten blown apart. I came to find out that trash collection had been cancelled for the day when I called a third time and a brand new mailbox awaits in my garage to be installed this weekend.

Now, you see all the fun I had yesterday you otherwise wouldn’t have  had I not posted this blog. You’re welcome. Have a great weekend.


One Response to “A Nightmare Called Thursday!”

  1. Melissa Says:

    Unless it’s already too late, what about waiting for Spring to install the new mail box? Might save some headaches before the end of the season …

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