Dis And Dat-jointed

It’s been a long three days since I last blogged. At least it feels long to me. Every now and then the juices dry up. I guess it’s like writer’s block…blogger’s block? That reminds me of that Golden Girls’ episode when Blanche, who decides she’s going to become a great southern novelist like the others so famous they need not be mentioned, complains about having writer’s block, that it’s the worst feeling in the world to which Sophia replies, “Try ten days without a bowel movement sometime!”

Well, since I last blogged, when my car passed inspection, I still haven’t installed the programs back onto my computer. The groundhog did NOT see his shadow so that means an early spring. I tried to replace my mailbox before the ice storm we had on Wednesday but either the plastic post is frozen into the ground or buried into the cement block. As a result, I had to go to extremes to secure my box down. The red cross came and picked up about 10 large lawn and leaf bags stuffed with clothes we cleaned out of our closets; that would be two closets. The hell? Sorry, 3 closets. 10 bags of clothes, though. I found things I forgot I had and because of that it was easy to get rid of stuff. Of course the fact that hardly any of it fit anymore also eased my decision. And one or two pieces I had to hold on to for sentimental reasons.

And…AND…yesterday the railing was installed on the back steps and that means we are one inspection away from hopefully obtaining our CO.

Was not impressed with anybody on the Wednesday night American Idol auditions (where were they, Dallas? – that’s how unimpressed I was, I don’t remember) but last night, in LA, the Gutierrez Brothers sang in gorgeous harmony and were the highlight of the show .

And Sunday is the Superbowl. I’m routing for Pittsburgh.

And there you have it, a short and disjointed blog.

2 Responses to “Dis And Dat-jointed”

  1. Donna Says:

    It HAS been a long 3 days with no blog! Nice railing; I’m surprised they were able to install it in the cold weather. Have a nice weekend!

  2. Melissa Says:

    Good for you getting rid of those clothes! Must be like a breath of fresh air to get some of those unwanted/unneeded things cleared away. Plus, they will hopefully be put to good use and help someone in need! 🙂

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