Is Today The Day?

It’s a big possibility, but then again it could be tomorrow. Jim, Lou’s brother stopped by yesterday to pick up the drawings, the permits, the “passed” stickers from all the previous inspections so he could arrange for the final inspection for our CO, which could be today. And if not, then by Wednesday. So, everyone out there, keep your fingers crossed.

And then the final phase can begin. Brian? How much more are you planning on doing to your house? Well, for starters, the air conditioning has to be brought into the addition. And that window in the blue bedroom upstairs needs to be turned into a door and the radiator below it needs to be moved and the “attic” is being turned into either a closet (what could be left after all that we sent to the Salvation Army) or a closet/dressing room. How highfalutin, huh?

I didn’t blog yesterday because I kept falling asleep and was dead tired by the time the Superbowl was over and I had an early dentist appointment yesterday morning. I don’t know about you, but–not just because the Steelers lost; the team I chose in my 50-50 pick since I don’t really care a lick about football–was that game uninspiring? There was nothing to really get excited about. And the commercials all were crappy, I thought. The only one that got any other reaction out of me other than a click of the tongue and an eyeroll was the Ford? Chevy? (Insert correct make of pickup truck here–see how I pay attention?) that kept beeping out warnings to their owners (Timmy fell in a well?). And then there was the Ozzy Osborne / Justin Bieber one that ended with Ozzy asking, “What’s a Bieber?”. And let’s not even talk about Christina Aguilera’s tragic National Anthem or the majority of the halftime show. The Black Eyed Peas just sounded unbelievably horrendous and not even the neon people could make up for that mess. But one brief moment when Fergie sang by herself with Slash, she sounded much better.

Is there anything else today? No, not really.


One Response to “Is Today The Day?”

  1. Melissa Says:

    So, if you turn a window into a door ??? Where will it lead ? I’m a bit confused and concerned.

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