No Outlet…No CO!

Yesterday was the big day, time for the final inspection on the addition and first the plumbing passed, then the fire inspection passed. The building inspection was momentarily in jeopardy because of the fan tray; because a revised drawing wasn’t included in our pack of drawings (though all other revisions are) but the inspector happened to remember when it was framed out when he was here for the rough inspection back in the summer. As far as the electric, we failed and the cause is one…COUNT IT…ONE outlet on that brick wall, but that fix is in the works and may be taken care of as early as this week.

Ariel took the day off to deal with the inspections and after they were finished trickling in over the course of about 2 hours beginning an hour after they were first scheduled, (and I had over half my day under my belt) we decided to celebrate our near victory and went to see a double feature. Well, not in the traditional sense–then again, is anything in the traditional sense these days?–it was more like two movies for the price of two movies. We saw Black Swan and The Fighter.

I intended to stop work at a certain time but time got away from me and by the time we got ready to go and get there, we missed the opening credits of Black Swan, but not too much that we couldn’t piece it together. I’m not sure I liked it as much as I hoped I would, though I loved the head-trippiness of it, the parallels of her thought processes that lead to her triumphant finale. If I did come away with one thing from it, I think I may now have to dip my toe (so to speak) into the world of ballet and find a production of Swan Lake. It is, after all, a Tchaikovsky work and I’m always up for a Tchaikovsky event, though I’ve never been to the ballet. I gave the movie a 7.

After that we had about 20 minutes to kill, which, in movie house language is really 45 by the time all the coming attractions and commercials and turn off your cell phone reminders play and we sat crunching on our popcorn while the minutes ticked away. What I got out of The Fighter was something totally unexpected. Sure, I’ve seen Marky Mark in a few pictures and have always enjoyed his acting, but I never expected to be so emotionally taken by a boxing movie. The last time that happened was when I saw The Champ with Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper (I still haven’t seen the Jon Voight/Ricky Schroeder version). “You were my hero, Dicky” “I was. I was,” was just one of the poignant moments that got me. But the greatest quote concerning The Fighter came from a woman who was sitting behind us after the movie was over: “I didn’t like it, there was too much fighting.” I gave it a 9.

And that’s all I got for you. Tomorrow I think I’ll tell you about this past weekend; I just have to figure a way to make some of my descriptions “family friendly” otherwise it could become my shortest blog of all time.

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