Three Blind Mice

Actually, three dead mice, hence the blind factor. That’s what my exterminator guy found yesterday. And that was it, really, nothing else out of the ordinary.

My house phone was acting up and when I called my phone company they first told me it simply had to be my own equipment, that the batteries in my cordless phones needed replacing, but the second guy I wouldn’t let off the phone who, at first, suggested the same thing until I tried a phone plugged directly into a phone jack actually did find something in the line with his diagnostic ‘bullet’. The earliest we can get someone out there is Saturday, February 19. I told him the earliest I could pay my bill would be May 13th. No, I didn’t, but he said he’d try to get someone here sooner.

Today the front railing is being installed. It’ll match the one in the back, which was supposed to match the one in the front and it did, sort of, but because of new code regulations it’s different.

What else? Oh yeah, the weekend. We had friends down for the weekend and we ate, drank and were merry. On Saturday, we ventured into the city on whirlwind tour into the “darker” side, (depending on who you talk to) of New York. Remember, family friendly…all I’ll say is there was a singer in a rubber dress at our first stop and she wore some awesome red shoes.  I really need to start chronicling the shoes I find fascinating. Trouble is, getting the pictures.

Our second stop was for dinner at Lips, the drag dinner theater cabaret. Actually, quite a fun time and our friends John and Gary got picked on minimally by the drag divas working the audience; they had other targets they paid more attention to during the night. Ginger, a member of the performing troupe, was the waiter/ress for our section and let’s just say s/he had a unique serving style, just ask the ladies at the next table. We saw two shows for the price of one because we arrived earlier than our 11:30 reservations and we sat in the lounge, a little area behind the bar, but still within eyeshot of the “floor” and while we munched on appetizers saw a complete show. Ours was similar but much raunchier. Oh, and the food was surprisingly very good.

Then it was off to our last stop, a dimly lit and crowded bar where at one point, I tripped on a brick that was allegedly holding a door either open or closed and fell into that door, or maybe it was a wall–something with a ledge wide enough to hold beer bottles and glasses that all went crashing to the floor in a shattering mess beneath my feet. We hightailed it out of there until the crowd shifted from the area so we could innocently return to the scene of the crime. But, with my Shazam app on my Droid, I was able to pick up a few good club songs to add to my collection. Fun night!

And then it was 5 and we were home and then it was 8 and I was up and about ready to start my day. And now it’s time to get this day started!


3 Responses to “Three Blind Mice”

  1. Melissa Says:

    I just don’t know how you can funtion on 3 hours of sleep!

  2. Melissa Says:

    *function (ha! I can’t “funtion” on 8 hours apparently!!)

  3. Gary Collins Says:

    Family friendly indeed . . . nice vanilla coverage! hee hee!!!

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