Weekend Update:

It was a great relief this morning to see that the encroaching and quickly expanding strange green mass across our land was stopped dead in its tracks and a more familiar and serene blanket of white has once again quelled that assault.

Think back; dateline December 23, 2010, one fenced in brick patio on the Leaning Pines Estate was completed and a cozy celebratory fire was to be lit and enjoyed that night. That event was not to take place because of the whipping swirling winds. Turn the calendar ahead; after several days of warm temperatures this past week, the patio was able to be cleared of the remnants of two months of snow, (knocking my lower back out of whack in the process) the postponed celebratory fire was set to take place on the evening of Saturday, February 19, 2011. We even put together the patio furniture that has been sitting in boxes for two months in the garage. Earlier in the afternoon, the wind became monstrous at around 50 mph and the temperatures dropped to the mid 20’s. Again, no cozy fire.

Yesterday’s party was a success. Even with the dropout rate climbing as the day wore on we still managed to have a houseful. Of course there was a bounty of foods including my lasagna which looked strangely similar to baked ziti. Quick funny story: The Italian dish was originally to be stuffed shells, but ended up being baked ziti. I couldn’t imagine why such a grilling about how I labeled the pans and was even a little belligerent and couldn’t believe why Ariel was asking such a ridiculous question–why did I mark them lasagna…indeed! Finally he cornered me by simply asking, ‘what did you just make?’ Potayto/potahto…it was still deelish!

But we had a ton of food that we prepped on Saturday, pre-no fire; there was the pulled pot roast, and accompanying veggies from that dish, turkey fricassee, baked stuffed mushroom caps and baked stuffed tomatoes, stuffed flounder, and of course the ziti. We didn’t even bother putting out the sandwich fixin’s. Ariel’s 4-fruit cobbler (which he’s getting very good at…KUDOS!) and a (store bought) red velvet cake was dessert

The electrician is coming today to put in the outlet we need for the CO and maybe at some point, the phone company will dispatch the “splicers” to hopefully fix our telephone problem. The guy that came last week, who tried to tell me in some other language with words that I couldn’t even attempt to decipher that he had allegedly corrected the problem, but calls were still being dropped. So, pole climber dude came yesterday and then informed us there is too much going on at the pole and a splicer would be dispatched to re-route some of the wiring up there. I don’t think splicer guy showed up. Maybe today.


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